Salford, Thursday 24th October 2019 They’d spent days planning this sourcing the location and the straw to build their balefire The structure they said would have to be sound for the safety of little uns watching around so they stacked up the straw and waited for dawn before setting alight the straw and the thornContinue reading “Balefire”

Friday Fictioneers – Visitors

#lightsofjerusalem #fridayfictioneers #octpowrimo Saturday 19th October 2019 A response to the Photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-fields – Web Here They had arrived in the night on this little street in town in an effort to send a message to those walking around Little ones smiled – not at all scared as their coloured lights shoneContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – Visitors”

Playing in the side street

Salford, 25th September 2019 #Salford #Children #Parking #Gardens #Street #Sports In order to save themselves some pocket money the sports fans find convenient side streets parking off the main road on the way to the stadium One by one, they move on to empty paving ignoring the call of the parking charge plastered on theContinue reading “Playing in the side street”

In other words – Footprints on the beach

in response to three sets of feet – Walking on the Sand Rendezvous with candy floss Sweet stuff acquired – but only two pairs of feet Smaller pair of toes, treated by Big Feet To a Piggyback


#FOWC Pull up a chair, take in a show As you watch a tale, read to little ones at Night-time, There’s a range of characters On the stage, in bright coloured attire Making Mirth , for your entertainment If you’re lucky – they’ll be a Musical number or maybe magic tricks and Everyone enjoys theContinue reading “Pantomime”

In their finest

On a Sunday morning, In the bright sunshine You’ll see them all In their finest Taking a walk With husband or wife Along with the children, Escaping the strife No work for the blacksmith The shops are all closed They’ve all been to church So a walk is proposed And while making their way ToContinue reading “In their finest”


7th January 2019 #promptuarium I’ve been doing the six word stories over Christmas…this piece is inspired by one The tree may be gone for another year and the decorations might be back in the box but around and about the house there’s enough pixie dust in the air to bring a smile to a littleContinue reading “Magic”