Four Calling Birds

Salford, 28th December 2019 #Birds #2019 #Christmas A couple of days into the Christmas season I thought the birds had all gone somewhere sunny I would have joined them (if I had the money) but who should arrive on a Saturday morn feathers all winded, ruffled and torn ??? Sat on the nest resting onContinue reading “Four Calling Birds”

Flown Off (In Word Art)

As its the start of winter, at the toolshed (home of the inkwell) A piece of artwork on seasonal migration….some of the birds have flown south The ducks, geese and swans (as usual) have decided to stay by the canal basin (Attracted no doubt by the free feed cast across the centenary walkway ! 🙂Continue reading “Flown Off (In Word Art)”

In other words – Peanut Butter

#inotherwords #peanutbutter Possibly, he’s potty about this stuff enjoying the sticky paste to the full as he’s perched by his claws on the jar note though, as the nuts are in the butter – his head up to his beak in the smooth paste Best thing of all though, is Until he’s through The jarContinue reading “In other words – Peanut Butter”

On Patrol

The black feathered aviators are out on patrol again You could call them “The flying squad” Keeping the streets of Salford Quays free from the menace of breadcrumbs as they clean a square metre in five minutes flat passing professors doing their sums and staring as if to say – “What’re you lookin’ at ?”Continue reading “On Patrol”