In other words – Peanut Butter

#inotherwords #peanutbutter Possibly, he’s potty about this stuff enjoying the sticky paste to the full as he’s perched by his claws on the jar note though, as the nuts are in the butter – his head up to his beak in the smooth paste Best thing of all though, is Until he’s through The jarContinue reading “In other words – Peanut Butter”

On Patrol

The black feathered aviators are out on patrol again You could call them “The flying squad” Keeping the streets of Salford Quays free from the menace of breadcrumbs as they clean a square metre in five minutes flat passing professors doing their sums and staring as if to say – “What’re you lookin’ at ?”Continue reading “On Patrol”

Hotel for the birds

Salford, 23rd March 2019 Modified from an instagram post i posted this morning, When i wake up What do i see, beyond the works of Writing on my desk ? Wide, are the curtains flung – from West to east – bringing light to the painted walls where i do most of my scribbling MarshmallowContinue reading “Hotel for the birds”

Little bird

Salford 1st March Like a bullet It flew down the street Towards the other side of the dual carriageway and The waterside Local cats, couldn’t catch him Even if they tried – he was too far up to reach Before our feathered friend Islands of Plenty – with seeds galore Ready to be eaten byContinue reading “Little bird”