Manchester (via salford) 16th December 2018 The on line post it notes Continued to drop in my in box Reminiscences from a female acquaintance I knew since I was small. Meet you by the market Where the gluhwein flows And the big tree is lit up by the national grid So, off to town goesContinue reading “Rendezvous”


#sounds #acrostic Sunday evening, is a whole lot quieter than Sunday morning Outside, the rumble of traffic is down to a minimum Unless it’s a plane or a train you want to catch Navigating those roads should be a breeze Double glazing muffles any noises, and the wildlife are Sleeping in their beds soundly, keepingContinue reading “Sounds”


Froth Salford 12th April 2018 From time to time, Realities of bringing a coffee to life come into view Out of nowhere, people demanded posh coffee The buzzwords of the day “latte” or “Cappucino” Hell on earth for the poor overworked cafetiere For days on end Round-about temp – amassing to “what on earth” –Continue reading “Froth”


Salford, 5th July 2017 in response to the photo challenge Bridge   It can be happily said that where i live, in Salford, you’re no more than five minutes away from a bridge of some sort. The mass of water you see above is the Manchester Ship Canal , which flows towards the river mersey,Continue reading “Bridge”


Manchester An acrostic in memoriam to those affected by the Manchester Arena Bomb My sister city As days go on Never forget those Cherished individuals Heaven’s doors are surely open Everyone remember those who fell – but Stay strong – don’t allow Those who did this to win Everyone knows what a great place youContinue reading “Manchester”


eerie Eerie, by Brian F Kirkham   The most frightening thing about Halloween – Nothing’s going on! No cars moving down main street No children around saying “Trick or Treat” Not a sound of a Movement in the midnight air Look out of the window – there’s nobody there but floating through air – theContinue reading “Eerie”