In other words – Peanut Butter II

(### The FIVE LINES OR LESS EDITION ###) Scraping the content from around the brim While the jar of delight moves in the breeze It’s manna from heaven for this master of flight Now clinging on the chains in happiness as the Green bird gets his fill in the garden

Seagulls Lament

#Promptuarium I suppose you thought that was funny ? here I am sat by the bins enjoying what could be my only meal for miles and you decide to disturb my breakfast Innocently enjoying the fish in the box then over my foot comes this big heavy rock expecting me to just fly away IContinue reading “Seagulls Lament”

Canary in a Cage

Salford, 16th April 2018 A tale of life down the pits – and a very clever bird They closed all the pits they say it wernt safe we were digging out the props keeping land up They said The Gas were strong and sending our mates off to dreamland forever But as well as hammerContinue reading “Canary in a Cage”

Pink Flamingo

#coloryourworld #cyw #pinkflamingo long legged bird wading in water feet unseen   across America and Africa you settle with your siblings wonderous waterfowl   balanced like ballerinas up on one leg hidden in feathers – the other peg   paired in twos – for life (the news) settled together in a homely nest as mumContinue reading “Pink Flamingo”