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  • They’re back

    #running #10,000 #city #writeclub Can you hear that ? the sound of rubber bouncing against tarmac Up and down the streets they go heading from a to b and to and fro crossing lanes , and over plains with times they’re aiming to attain Park paths and pavement’s softer than road and easier on feet […]

  • Why did i agree to this?

    #writeclub #Volunteering #Sports Its Four o’clock in the morning and i’m up with the lark the bag is packed for the job and i’m headed for the park Breakfast of fruity muesli builds up my resolve as i ponder over the job in hand and problems i might have to solve I dress up warmly […]

  • Shadows and Reflections

    Shadows and Reflections

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub #Reflections #Shadows with thanks to Mark Marusic @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A sunny day on a bank holiday morn walking through the local green there’s not a cloud in the sky but what’s that dark mass behind you? nothing to fear – its only your shadow II Sat on a park […]

  • First in the water

    #nature #winter #swimming While the rest were going about their morning routine this brave soul decided to take the plunge into the northern waters fed by the Mersey and Medlock Water, skiddy in places, where jack frost had turned it to ice but with all those feathers, he was well waterproofed and ready for his […]

  • Poppies return

    #rememberance #poppies Something grand has fallen softly on the floor of the war museum numbers of red poppies fall down from a point in the sky you may ask – why ? to remember those on flanders field and other battles now revealed now tumbled down to museum floor and remembered – the fallen – […]

  • Commute


    #fowc #transport We’re all trying to get somewhere from point A to point B Cupboards have to be filled while young minds are filled Putting your feet first is the simplest option but then pushing those pedals might get you there faster Its rare to see a horse in the city but i think they’re […]

  • Visitor


    #promptuarium #pictureprompt He’d left his spot on the quarterdeck and headed for holodeck five a place where the men of the spacecraft went to loosen up and jive He enjoyed the sound of the old times of Oasis, New Order and Blur and joined up with others of the crew who did of course concur […]

  • Adventures of an inner city moggy

    Adventures of an inner city moggy

    Salford , 12th August 2021 He’s back home again, heading through the gap in the gate – like nothing’s happened Having spent many hours of yesterday evening and this morning Hotfooting around his old haunts and Helping himself to the finer things His city can offer him – you know the stuff Hotel and guesthouse […]

  • The day Big Ben landed in Manchester

    The day Big Ben landed in Manchester

    Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester. A response by inky Among the summer fountains and stalls for this and that something from Westminster landed on ground – Flat It took local wildlife by surprise and pigeons they did up and rise to see this tower – now lying adrift on their spot they were a little miffed The […]

  • Dragonboat


    #napowrimo #chinesenewyear They landed while everyone slept Now floating majestically on The banks of the canal Awoken by the sound Of a mighty drum Cutting swiftly through water In a race to the finish Oars moving as one As dragons race head to head For the glory of the win And water makes waves As […]