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  • Journey’s end

    #napowrimo #writeclub #holidays A nod to Maire @ Writeclub for the prompt! we headed out to far off shores looking for the sun bags all packed, and hotel confirmed we were off to have some fun travelling past coastal seas and taking in nearby hostelries eating several cream teas on our journey to the sun […]

  • Summer with the water rats

    #cento #summer #napowrimo now i was young and easy under the apple boughs on either side the river lie blossoms and dewdrops at the bent sprays edge open unto the fields, and to the sky Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone meet in her aspect and her eyes loveliest of trees, the cherry […]

  • Den

    #Writephoto #Outdoors #Camping #Scouts It wasn’t the easiest of shelters for young scouts to construct finding wood that wasn’t attached to a tree was a difficult task in itself Take the wrong kind of material and you would attract some serious attention if not from the leaders guiding you then the camp warden in charge […]

  • Can someone tell me what the prompt is?

    #writeclub #napowrimo with big thanks to the combined efforts of Beth and Sandy Friday 29th April 2022 So The prompt What is it ? Idea for a poem Can be shortish or long Containing words deep and strong Make of what you can of the prompt Just don’t treat it like it’s been trod on […]

  • Lamp post

    Lamp post

    #writephoto #lamppost Lining the city streets a touch of craftsmanship, making the green spaces safe for pedestrians to walk about at night of course, their lights are turned off when the sun is at its height that’s when people sit on the park bench nearby it

  • Hope

    #WQW #Napowrimo #Hope #Weather #Cloud #Rainbow The weatherman said it was going to be sunny The clouds in the morning disagreed The sun who was blocked out by the cloud Then began to plead For unbeknown to the clouds in the sky I thought i’d give a walk a try visiting a place that i’d […]

  • Angel Food Cake

    #Food #Napowrimo A combination of lovely ingredients not as heavy as other cakes so it’ll get easier on your tum after dinner egg whites with sugar ensure a light and fluffy sponge – nice to eat with strawberries

  • Reach for the Stars

    #Writeclub #Ambition With thanks to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt…. When you were young do you remember those flights of fancy? played out in the playground by the school Pirate Ships Captains Goodies and Baddies Cowboys and Indians led by The milky bar kid Or flying up to space to see who’s living on […]

  • The Mask I wear

    #writeclub #napowrimo It’s there everyday seen first day at sunrise and last thing at sundown It’s very good at hiding the aches and the pains brought on by illness and childhood niggles So despite how i feel each morning or night It’ll greet you with a grin that’s welcoming and bright and it’ll stay on […]

  • The day the toy store came to life

    #Writeclub #Thedaythetoystorecametolife I It was half day closing for toytown the shopkeepers birthday was here the shopkeeper turned over the “Open” Sign and made his way home without fear II He closed the door behind him and the bell on the door made a ring not knowing what was going to happen and the magic […]