Sunny days

Rhodes, via Manchester 17th October

#octpowrimo #holidays #greece

Zoomed off down the Aegean

To grab the last rays of European sun

Azure blue seas and light blue skies

My case so excited

It went for a wonder

On the carousel for all of fifteen minutes

Whilst bear has a new thinking spot

With full view of some wonderful scenery

Architecture Army History Military Museum Museums

A humble design

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Telling tales of conflict to all

Holding time in its heart like a baby

Our precious planet has been broken by war

As earth air and water are captured in aluminium

On the dockside it rises from the ground

This mighty metal building has a tale to tell

Small in scale, but a giant on the banks of the water

Broken in pieces by a man with a message

It began with a humble teapot

Poetry Romance


Image result for Masquerade Mask Clip Art

in response to the prompt Mask

You created a vision

A thing of beauty

Of Satin and Sapphires


Everyone was intrigued

by the gorgeous girl

at the masquerade ball


Your smile it travelled

around the ballroom floor

but what was the score?


A Character for show

who would be centre

of attention for sure


But they had no clue

I had eyes on you

at this Masquerade dance

I took my chance


So lets promenade

would it be too much to ask ?

If I really knew the girl

Behind the Mask



Growing up Learning Life

Looking for Direction

#Napowrimo #Day27 #poetry #Life

In response to the prompt


It’s easy when you are young

Life mapped out by parents

the only decisions

Meals, Play and Telly

But then – You grow

And you get that pesky thing called “Responsibility”

What to do, Who to hang around with, Where to go

You’re stood at a crossroads

With only yourself as a guide

No Lookin’ Back – Just look straight ahead.

Acrostic Inspiration Life Poetry Romance Romantic


#Napowrimo #Poetry #Day26 #Acrostic

When a loved one wants to say something

Her (or his voice) softly utters the three little words

I Love You

Sentimentality ?

Perhaps – but

Expect the mood to blossom in

Romantic expression.


Childhood, Learning and Jazz

Nothing I Cared, in the lamb white days, that time would take me

Each micro-crevice ingrained upon my face

My mind set on standing up straight – the first thing on my plate

Then comes writing, wobbly as hell

Fountain pen ink falling like tears at my efforts

But the paper – Wow – it ate it up as imagination and colour spilled on the page

Flights of Fancy ? from a lad of 15 ?

Pick up your Tennyson, lad – you’re still green

What they didn’t know – I was reading at Home

as colour and language they mixed in the Zone

Kipling my Double Bass – Tennyson Clarinet with

Pratchett on Drums , A Definate bet

My Inspirations for tales of Adventure and Romance –

A Great Jazzy combo – to be read and advanced.


Napowrimo , Day 25

Animals Character Life Poetry

Ode to a Horse and Cart

I remember as a child seeing the Rag and Bone man coming through the streets of Salford with his Horses and Cart, this ode is dedicated to them


When I look at your eyes, your tale sings out,

Cerebral thoughts move slowly through the cobbled streets.

Children listen to your song of Melancholy

as you tirelessly lag your Masters goods around

But Complain You ? for this noblest of the Ark?

No, you’ve done your bit, and made your mark

As your owner rides you and your cart through the rain

You move across ground, like an express train

And when trading’s over and night comes to pass

You’ll sleep outside caravan – enjoying long grass


#Napowrimo #Day24 #Caravan #Horse #Ragnbone #Trader #poetry

Cooking Food Fruit Fun Treats

Ice-Cream Mix

ic3.jpgA piece in response to the daily post prompt

Flavor #32

A new flavour for Ice cream ?

This is a job for my inner child….if not for letting the younger members of my family loose in the kitchen  to create to their hearts content

There’s already so many to choose from, it surprises me how the likes of Ben and Jerrys manage to come up with new ones.

However, there’s always something missing from the mix.

I mean – walking into Whittard’s there’s a whole host of flavours for coffee and hot chocolate…

So along those lines – how about a new Neapolitan Ice cream ?  a Deconstructed Banana Split, with Banana, Chocolate and Marshmallow flavours.  Thing is with Neapolitan is, it doesn’t have to be the same three flavours – pick your favourites and go wild.  You could go all zesty with Orange lime or lemon – or even deconstruct a northern English favourite with Vimto inspired flavours – i’m thinking Blackberry, Raspberry and Grape.

You could add your favourite sweets into the mix – Jelly Beans, Chocolate Drops, Popping Candy…”Space Dust” – now that would raise a smile.

And of course there’s always the fun fictional fruits – remember “willy wonkas chocolate factory” – Snozzberry ice cream anybody?

So let the kids loose in the kitchen as  their favourite sweets mix with their favourite flavours, banana with chocolate, chocolate with cherries, strawberries and cream…

The Fun thing about it is you’ll have three of your favourite flavours and as it softens coming out of the tub – it’ll mix into a heavenly taste.


Poetry Space

Heavens Games

Whilst down on earth they’re half asleep

Heaven’s Children round their parents jump,

playing with metallic lumps,

and making the gas clouds bounce and leap.

And through the air some of them creep,

collecting rocks in great big clumps

to create stellar asteroid piles;

It doesn’t leave them down in the dumps!.

And whilst they play in the cosmic air

Mum and dad watch on with pride

as the siblings play on without a care.

Sometimes there’s squabbles, as hard as they tried

But big Siblings and Cousins, help one and all,

to pull up the little ones, in case they fall


#Sonnet #Blogging101 #Napowrimo #Day23 #Space #Poetry


Life Nature Space

Blue and Green Marble

IMG_0048.JPGin response to the prompt


This blue and green planet is quite unique in its own little way.

sustaining life for everybody on it whether they be human, bovine, feline or vermine

There’s oxygen – vital to make the creatures on it breathe – even under the water

and with the oxygen and water – we’ve got trees and plants

these provide colour, shelter, materials and other stuff animals need to live.

The human relatives make their homes in the trees – some of us also do this – but the rest make their homes on terra firma…in the wide vast spaces mother earth provides for us