Feathers in a flap

Napowrimo day 17 Feast your eyes, while I tell you a tale While we’ve all been indoors, the birds without fail Have landed en-masse in the public squares And landing on rooftops without a care There once was an answer, keeping birds in check But till he returns, theyve darned us to heck Leaving aContinue reading “Feathers in a flap”

Valentine in a time of Lockdown

#Valentinesday passing in corridors two masqueraded , star crossed lovers leaving each other small heartfelt notes on each others stations message clear – as eyes meet for the briefest of moments before the next admission comes in


#MLMM #Photochallenge There were moments , she hated the winter weather The rain, the snow and the biting hail but while everyone was locked inside held in by the invisible bug she was grateful for messages being sent across island waters by the four winds north south east and west

Getting Out

#Travel #Worship #Places Salford 6th December 2020 Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, to do something i do nearly every Sunday Go to Mass It’s the start of the church year – Advent, but nobody thought about worship when the restrictions (about Covid-19) kicked in I’m now part of the Cathedral ParishContinue reading “Getting Out”

Trick or Treat ?

#Socs #Halloween #Trick #Treat #octpowrimo No lanterns coming to the front porch No ghosts floating past the door No Vampires not worrying ’bout their canines No Werewolves coming to explore The street is surprisingly quiet the children all indoors as parents keep them from bugs in the air and other nasty spores But there’s bobbingContinue reading “Trick or Treat ?”

Lockdown – an acrostic

#acrostic #lockdown Magpies are having a field day as the neighbourhood still sleeps nipping on and off the rooftiles while cats on the ground they creep household activity – minimum everyone’s taken to bed, for somebody said there’s a lockdown, so they’ve decided to rest their heads even the stadiums are empty – no fansContinue reading “Lockdown – an acrostic”

The bug

Salford 16th October 2020 I haven’t wrote much in regarding Covid – 19, but given the recent news on a proposed regionalised lockdown – here’s a mothra A Mothra, from inky. Well Looking Around Here we are Another day of restrictions Movements from here to there Masked up in cause of health while a bugContinue reading “The bug”


Salford 6th June 2020 With this bug thats been floating around recently, those in the back doors of the nations governments have been referring to all the changes they’ve made in one particular phrase “The new normal“ Now, we know they’ve been looking at a vaccine around the world, but before the mass testing beginsContinue reading “Normal(ish)”

Strange Days

Salford, 9th May 2020 We’re in very strange times the weather is wonderful yet the pub is shut flowers are in bloom gardeners gone to his hut they’re hiding away from this very small bug and because of it we can’t give a loved ones a hug the streets are abandoned everyones indoors and climbingContinue reading “Strange Days”