Childhood Ghosts Halloween Poetry


Halloween pumpkin basket

#fowc #basket

behind each little basket on Halloween night

a little munchkin , male or female, in a

spooky costume, and as the treats

keep on coming this receptacle

eventually fills all the way to the top

toffees, sweets and chocolates for spooky visitors

Acrostic Ghosts Treat

Little Ghost II


Good Gravy!  It’s cold – said the wolf to his chums

Home’s where we should be, where its not so glum – So

Over to the old haunted house they to go as their

Shivering and eerie forms they glow

Tonight they’ll meet up with their friend for some tea

(and fly around the top of the house for free)




If you’re looking for the real thing – don’t forget to check twice

lots of people fall for the magic trick –

losing sight of what’s in front of them

unless you focus your attention – you’ll get

sucked in by the grandeur of it all

ignore the fancy effects – the flashy costumes

on reflection – you’ll be taking on a pig in a poke

note the guy doing the deal – wants you to go for it

World War I World War II writing

Invisible ink

In response to the prompt Secret

Got something to hide?

Said the Man in Black

Lemon juice or Onion

is a perfect thing

to keep your message intact

(Just apply heat to see it)