#Writephoto #Outdoors #Camping #Scouts It wasn’t the easiest of shelters for young scouts to construct finding wood that wasn’t attached to a tree was a difficult task in itself Take the wrong kind of material and you would attract some serious attention if not from the leaders guiding you then the camp warden in chargeContinue reading “Den”

Lamp post

#writephoto #lamppost Lining the city streets a touch of craftsmanship, making the green spaces safe for pedestrians to walk about at night of course, their lights are turned off when the sun is at its height that’s when people sit on the park bench nearby it


#Writephoto #Seaside #Crab Carefully crossing the cove reaching out for tasty treats as he makes his way over sand, pebbles and stone breaking into smaller shells for his breakfast lunch and tea Could this Crustacean be regarded as seaside royalty ? as he has the run of the sea, rocks and the sand be awareContinue reading “Crab”