Image prompt c/o Pinterest – anyone want to lay claim to the image let me know and i’ll credit you on here – thanks! Link: They said they’d be friends for ever as they watched the magical sight a merger of magical colour bringing colour to the night but then – a terrible happeningContinue reading “Forever”

Looking : A Found Poem

#Love #Romance #Poetry Salford 14th January 2019 another found poem by me via Spike Milligans Box 18 I’ve stopped looking for that diamond that brightens up my day the beauty of your eyes still capture me in the evening light as we pass each other by and memories of walking through the daisy patch stillContinue reading “Looking : A Found Poem”

Time passes

#promptuarium #prompt Salford, 20th December She walked though the Christmas market Still wearing the Christmas cracker ring Some lad from her past gave her Sentimentality ? Perhaps, but then Something told her, one day they’d meet again Solitude, the vehicle that drove her to See her sweetheart under the town hall clock, Stars meeting upContinue reading “Time passes”


Manchester (via salford) 16th December 2018 The on line post it notes Continued to drop in my in box Reminiscences from a female acquaintance I knew since I was small. Meet you by the market Where the gluhwein flows And the big tree is lit up by the national grid So, off to town goesContinue reading “Rendezvous”

Dancing on the moon

#octpowrimo From out of relative darkness Comes brightness Was it the moment of clarity Brought about by the smile of Luna Or that single moment When you smiled, at the simple fact I couldn’t live without you For now I’m skipping and hopping Out on the stars Because of three simple words Whispered softly inContinue reading “Dancing on the moon”


Salford 10th May 2018 Rebel You were always the one in school that caused a scene causing young heads to turn at your juvenile antics Wearing the Uniform the way you wanted raising an eye of the deputy head They called you “Cool” and your pals all circled as school rules fell and school skirtsContinue reading “Rebel”


Inkling Ideas dropped on a page notes dropped in a particular order keeping the reader of the piece engaged like clues for the detective resident in your mind interacting – but not giving you the whole scenario next guesses are down to you – It’s going to be a scintillating read, as you go throughContinue reading “Inkling”