Ode to the trees

Nature, Poetry

#Octpowrimo #Huggingatree

They line the road, from bottom to top

watching the people and vehicles pass by

doing their work without a word

the birds rest on their branches as they’ll flop

to trees with lots of leaves they’ll fly

the shade cast on the greens of the grass around

enjoying the cool from the suns rays unheard

out of the sun – on the shadiest ground




#Lost #Fog #Picture #Disappeared #Vanished

they went for a wonder

through a familiar place

when the fog lifted later

of explorers – no trace


The local constabulary

puzzled like all

to Scotland Yard

they made a call


The dogs let loose

as the yards crack squad

examined each footprint

the missing had trod


but like their colleagues – at the end of the day

the inspector concluded – they’d been whisked away

with no more evidence – he said “Call off the dogs….

these poor souls have been taken by the fog!”


Clothes, Fashion, Poetry

The Mirror Crack’d

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder

but a world without mirrors ?

It would be like heaven and hell had fallen on earth

as illusions of divinity – shattered


pictures captured by brush not box

and barbers taking time over women’s (and men’s locks)

“You really look good!” They’ll all say

Not mentioning the topic – your hairs going grey


And fashion be judged by crowds by a look

as you wander around in a dress off the hook

the salesman smiled – as he took your cash

but opinions from others – are honest but rash


“Too hell with it!” you yell “I like it!” you say

but banana coloured trousers with shirt pink and grey ?

You’ll say – “It’s the fashion – what they’re wearing”, Of course

(Forgetting you’re dressed like a pantomime horse)


So as you walk away – wearing clothes with a smile

people say nothing – and laugh after a while

at the fashion statement – you just had to buy

that if in the mirror you’d seen – it’d just make you cry

Time Machine

Poetry, Time, Travel

Pick Your Gadget

Now, I’ve been asked my thoughts
of to be seen
of what i’d do
wi a time machine

It would be tempting,
to travel in time
and meet wi some writers
I’ll mention in th’rhyme

I’d meet wi’ Kipling and Baden Powell
and then under the canvas we’d look
at those all animals listed in
that there Jungle Book

And whilst in the jungle
I’d hatch up a plan
to call up that there Hannibal,
the Elephant Man

Tommy cooper would provide the laughs
as Francis Drake mapped charts and graphs
calculating the best place to be –
and making sure we don’t show up in th’sea!

And when we planned where we wanted to be,
we’d set time and course by watch and degree.
Aiming to get there, and being quite quick,
So we could enjoy a time travelling picnic