#writephoto #storm #beyondthestorm #writephoto Something told you it wasn’t going to be a Terrific idea to venture onto the hills today, but Of course you were out voted – as you and your pals Rambled up the public footpath, seeking out paradise – Maybe you could discuss what you found in that shelter – AtopContinue reading “Storm”

Making my way through Maps

#365daysofwriting #Backtoschool Salford 25th July 2018 If i could go back to school, to master a subject – i reckon it would be Geography i’d do Not English or History (even though i’ve got an interest in those subjects) – Geography. You see, even though i’ve made my way through the toughest routefinder map, iContinue reading “Making my way through Maps”

Out in the back garden

I sat open mouthed as i watched the goings on taking place in greenery facing the kitchen In an attempt to claim a tree in their name two or three white butterflies engaged in aerial combat Flying past the window and around the roof soaring to grab their place on the tree who won theContinue reading “Out in the back garden”

It’s your choice!

Partake Life is a long branch of events and choices some shy away from making decisions whilst others grab the bull by the horns climbing the rockface or in some cases – jumping off it   So – when it comes down to it the decisions you make are yours will you dip your toesContinue reading “It’s your choice!”

Ode to a cactus

Prickle Once only found in Desert sand a gardener decided to hatch a plan developing a succelent that’s happy at home, as well as gardenment living in pots of sandy soil whilst in the heat other plants toiled this funny green plant, just grew away amusing those in the garden at play flowering in theContinue reading “Ode to a cactus”


Climbing As you head up the hill Something carries you on Crevices becoming the perfect hand holds Engaging with the rock Noted men before you have attemped this face before – but Deny you your moment of glory ? not a chance! In fact – they’ll be all hearing you yelling your achievements North toContinue reading “Ascending”