#C&BW #Benches I had to think about this particular challenge I mean…. what kind of bench? One on a path in a park ? Or Perhaps one by the water? Decisions decisions… eventually I took the decision to do both, both were taken in areas of my hometown, the first was taken with my NikonContinue reading “Benches”

In Flight

Salford 26th August 2017 The aviators are circling again looking for a suitable place to rest whilst the sun is high in a northern sky   Gliding from roof to roof checking out the pickings in lined up gardens   Unafraid and Unabashed to businesses back yards they’ll pip for some chucked out fish (orContinue reading “In Flight”


In response to the prompt Amble My Home town has plenty of green space to go at… Two canals, a river network that runs up northern tributaries to Lancashire, and south towards Cheshire These canals and rivers meet up near the old dock at Salford Quays, formerly “Manchester Docks”, I walk that way when IContinue reading “Wondering….”


      Soil source of growth our garden plants depend on it its home for all sorts of life like worms, beetles and ants   such an important base needs nutrients on certain mornings , water and fertiliser is added , to let the seedlings and bulbs lift their flowers into the sky andContinue reading “Soil”

Jazzberry Jam

Salford, 14th April A tale of #flowers and #jazzberryjam for the #coloryourworld challenge.   Colour of the Garden Hibiscus it’s making a bit of a noise but for fans of this wonderful flower its a noise they all enjoy attracting the birds and the butterflies raising with visitors a smile who will spend some timeContinue reading “Jazzberry Jam”


#Coloryourworld #CYW #Fuschia For some, they are seen floating in mid air undercurrents of air gently lifting them up and down seen amongst the green – they are the ballerinas of the garden captivating the eye of the gardener and the heart of the passer by as they perform their routine it’s a wonder toContinue reading “Fuchsia”

It is easy being green!

It IS Easy Being Green! Its quite easy being green Watching the plants wake from the cold of winter sprouting new shoots from barren branches Calamatous cold conditions giving way to glorious growth watching wiry stems produce perfect petals Evergreens look on proudly as new growth comes from fallen seed proud parent watching little seedlings RainbowsContinue reading “It is easy being green!”


#Coloryourworld #cyw #flowers #bluebell Bluebell By Brian F Kirkham (inkdropk) From deep among the woodland green a musical flower sends out the call swaying in the gentle breeze, it passes a message from brother to sister it goes through the trees as the messengers sway in the gentle wind with the arrival of Spring “wakeContinue reading “Bluebell”


underground What’s that sound That’s not above ground ? Under your feet and way down the street below the grassy mound somethings digging around making its way from point a to point b wild creature moving off home for some tea and on way it moves soil pushing grasses above head making lawns lush beforeContinue reading “Underground”

Enjoying the Greenery

In response to the daily post Nostalgia Green Leaves…. they bring back memories of many an event. Festivals and Fetes on the large patch of green opposite Nine Acre Court. I always wondered if the name of the flats had anything to do with the Tudor hall nearby, It brought back memories of visiting myContinue reading “Enjoying the Greenery”