Mystery All Hallows eve, Salford 2017 Maybe it was a ghost that paid a visit yesterday – but if that’s the case some ghost has a taste for cocoa and cookies taken from my suppertime plate each cookie now resembling a crescent moon reduced levels in the cocoa mug yes its a puzzle – whodunnitContinue reading “Mystery”

Little Ghost II

Ghost Good Gravy!  It’s cold – said the wolf to his chums Home’s where we should be, where its not so glum – So Over to the old haunted house they to go as their Shivering and eerie forms they glow Tonight they’ll meet up with their friend for some tea (and fly around theContinue reading “Little Ghost II”

Screamin’ Green

#coloryourworld #cyw #screamingreen Some say, you’re a loud color Causing a bit of a stir when you’ve been seen Round the flowers you get more attention Even more than the reds – to them it’s obscene As your noisy colour spreads through the garden Many cover their eyes at the sight Its like Halloween twenty four – seven, particularly atContinue reading “Screamin’ Green”


eerie Eerie, by Brian F Kirkham   The most frightening thing about Halloween – Nothing’s going on! No cars moving down main street No children around saying “Trick or Treat” Not a sound of a Movement in the midnight air Look out of the window – there’s nobody there but floating through air – theContinue reading “Eerie”

Old Moggy Mew

31st October 2016 A poem for Halloween – written by yours truly. Artwork composed using Colorfy Old Moggy Mew By Brian F Kirkham Old Black cat sits on the broken stone step, waiting for his owner to appear. She’s taken to the air in flight the midnight sky is clear. And as the stars they move about AContinue reading “Old Moggy Mew”