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  • Normal(ish)

    Salford 6th June 2020 With this bug thats been floating around recently, those in the back doors of the nations governments have been referring to all the changes they’ve made in one particular phrase “The new normal“ Now, we know they’ve been looking at a vaccine around the world, but before the mass testing begins […]

  • Lollipop


    Lollipop #CFFC #LetterL #Lollipop Lieutenant (or inspector ?) sits on the corner of Trafford and Regent Road looking out for local hoods its possible – he could have had a sugar rush playing around with his favourite sweet on occasion making eyes with the popular girls walking by – “who loves ya baby?”

  • Scamper

    really. Nice way to spend a summers afternoon

  • Colour of the crown

    Colour of the crown

    #Coloryourworld #cyw #royalpurple Perched on her majesty’s head Under the frame of silver and jewel Royal colour emits from the crown Perhaps – it denotes her status – as head of her church Like priests and bishops wear the colour in spring at mass in parishes up and down England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

  • Bokeh and Scotch Pancakes

    Bokeh and Scotch Pancakes

    I was looking for rainbows today – and they appeared – thanks to a little bokeh magic.

  • Rooster


    its the Chinese New Year today (uk) so in celebration 🎉 I’ve been busy with a spot of art. Celebrated by enjoying a meal 🥘 of noodles and beef  and sweet and sour chicken 🍗 Happy Year of the rooster everybody!  

  • The return of the lights

    The return of the lights

    Salford, 12th December 2016 I have had a wonderful few days in the run up to the Christmas festivities Manchester’s volunteer choir were well received at the volunteer celebration at the Town Hall, whilst the smells and sounds of the Christmas markets have been in full swing. However, today I had the opportunity to take in […]

  • Martyrdom

    Martyr I’m a martyr to my aches and pains I Really Despise that phrase with a passion. There’s a reason for this.  Firstly, when I was born (a month early – apparently), I didn’t ask for the conditions that were thrown at me. I’m split – in some ways – in the fact that without […]

  • Ostentatious

    Ostentatious Definition of Ostentatious Characterised by pretentious or showy display; designed to impress. There are many places that meet this criteria, but you could say the refurbished Manchester Waterside comes close. Firstly they cleaned up the basins, and placed lots of fancy housing around where the dockside warehouses are…whilst that was going on, they built […]

  • Up close and personal with a shell

    Up close and personal with a shell

    Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford In response to the weekly photo challenge Tiny My close up photography has improved over the last few weeks, definitions have become clearer – lines sharper details of a spiral – every line in the curve awoken in this little thing plucked from the sandy sea bed. […]