In their finest

On a Sunday morning, In the bright sunshine You’ll see them all In their finest Taking a walk With husband or wife Along with the children, Escaping the strife No work for the blacksmith The shops are all closed They’ve all been to church So a walk is proposed And while making their way ToContinue reading “In their finest”

It’s your choice!

Partake Life is a long branch of events and choices some shy away from making decisions whilst others grab the bull by the horns climbing the rockface or in some cases – jumping off it   So – when it comes down to it the decisions you make are yours will you dip your toesContinue reading “It’s your choice!”

Anchored Down

Salford, 13th January 2017 I’m sat in my bedroom – cum – office, pondering another set of scribbles from one of my memory notebooks. Ever lost something…and spent the next few hours getting into a fluster over it ? The key thing I’ve learned is to keep everything in a particular spot Notes go into aContinue reading “Anchored Down”