Eating Food Halloween Poetry

Spare rib

#halloween #chinese #pork #spare #ribs #octpowrimo

When weekend comes around

I enjoy a Chinese take away

There’s plenty of flavours to go at

Come All Hallows’ eve, I avoid it completely

Heavens allow … it’s not anything religious

Events might conspire….where I get a visit from the piggy that The

Spare ribs came from

Places Poetry

Staying put

#photoprompt #WDYS

At the top of the hill

you would have thought

the wind and the rain

would have aided the bales

into the nearby hedge

but bundled as they are

the bales are secure

in the knowledge that

until required

they’ll be sticking around

for a bit

Childhood Halloween Haunted


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Photo by Ryan Miguel Capili on

On Halloween Night

the tables were turned

for there was nothing more frightening

to the monsters , ghosts and ghouls

than the sight of little children

playing peek-a-boo

under their bedsheets

Acrostic Animals

Sleepy Kitty

#octpowrimo #cat

Sleeping content

lying on a rug in the corner

enjoying a wonderful dream

engaging with a big wool ball and

playing with it till tea time

you’d play with it more – but miss

cuts of finest ham , chicken or beef ? dont think so

and until your owner calls, your eyes will stay shut

then you’ll dart off to the kitchen – where your meals lie

Outdoors Places Pleasures Poetry Sport Sports

Hole with a view

#whatsinthepicture #photoprompt

Hole with a view (Image : Chris Breebaart 2021)

Golf can be a treacherous game

walking out miles from the safety

of the cosy clubhouse

to the first tee

journey rugged to a deceptive beauty

ball carefully placed on the tee

club measured for the perfect weight of shot

but golfer beware

for out on the windy cliff

you may find your golf shoes

changed for wellington boots

depending on where the ball lands




October Skyline

Sends out a creepy message

Halloween is near

You could say its light

from the moon or street lanterns

but summats moving

Calling to them all

whether dead or alive

its halloween – jive!

so out with message

invitation for the night

enjoy a good fright

Music Poetry


#Fowc #Music

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

Something with a definite Rythym

Something with a definite Hum

Don’t need an expensive instrument

Percussion can be more than a drum

tapping a beat down the street

using a gate, or a wall

or perhaps some dustbin lids

bringing a tune to all

Double bass made from a Tea Chest

Tuba from an old Garden Hose

rice , peas and beans in a sealed up tin

what tunes can come from those

Improvised Music, from everyday things

can bring smiles to people with the tune it brings

Might not be the Royal Albert hall

but we’re all having fun – and having a ball!

Animals Poetry

Clever Doggie


Clever Dog (Image : Charles Deluvio)

They say dogs are cleverer than cats

but this one stands tall among the rest

despite the fact he’s rather small

he drives the other dogs bats

for he can skateboard, paint and take on the best

running his opponents for a bone

and while other dogs hit the wall

he’ll take the prize without a moan



#writephoto #pumpkin

Pumpkin (Image: KL Caley)


under a shady spot waiting for

moonlight of all hallows eve

preparing for arrivals of

kreepy ghosts

in the

night time garden



#octpowrimo #darkness

Sun goes behind the skyscrapers

while the moon heads up in the sky

cats head out on a midnight feast

while owls begin to fly

mother birds tend to their chicks

while they all try to sleep

and dads head out to the garden lawn

for morsels they to creep

lightbulbs illuminate houses

and light travels down the street

as people wonder off to bed

awaiting the milkmans beat