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  • Who’s Dat?

    Who’s Dat?

    #wdys Living up in the hills you could call it a bleak existence but the horses who lived there didn’t mind at all “Hey Mum!” said the foal to his mother “why’s that bale of hay floating up the hill ?” his mother smiled, as she thought for a while and kept nice and still […]

  • Sunflowers


    The field of sunflowers spent the week looking for the sun The Sun that week was resting behind some very fluffy clouds Those at the front of the field wondered where their source of sunlight had gone Those in the middle jostled about, in the hope they’d catch a ray or two A couple turned […]

  • Umbrella


    #Socs #u #Umbrella Unless you’ve not noticed My regular use isn’t required in the summer months But there are other ways i can be used, as Radiation bounces on grassy floors – little un’s Expect a bit of cover from the sunshine so as Lemonade is drunk with some nice cakes and buns – i […]

  • Stairway

    #Writephoto getting towards the stream on a summers day is a bit of a pain when you left your tent pitched at the first spot at the top of the valley got to admit though its ingenious the way the farmer and his men have left you the way to enjoy fresh water grass covered […]

  • Hanging Out

    #TBTMemory From six years old, i’d hang around with quite a wild bunch we’d congregate around tall trees like silver birch, Oak and beech and engage in activities cooking food over a fire or following trails by map and compass even travelling by boat (or raft) or even rope bridge to far off islands cub […]

  • Sunday Morning Call

    #Nature #Weekend #Birds Over the horizon the sun god pops while beyond the curtain a message drops beyond the glazing and well past the wall the birds have awoken some making a call Not much to chirp at at this time of day but the cats are all inside so it’s time to play especially […]

  • Trails

    #socs #trails Finding a way out of the trees and back to your campsite is easy if you know how use of sticks, stones and leaves on the path to where you’re going to leaves you with an aide memoire for people wanting to follow you (It also assists, if you’re making your way back)

  • Active

    #Fowc #Active Athletic ? You don’t have to be choosing to walk around the local park each day is enough to keep those vital organs engaged

  • Den

    #Writephoto #Outdoors #Camping #Scouts It wasn’t the easiest of shelters for young scouts to construct finding wood that wasn’t attached to a tree was a difficult task in itself Take the wrong kind of material and you would attract some serious attention if not from the leaders guiding you then the camp warden in charge […]

  • Shadows and Reflections

    Shadows and Reflections

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub #Reflections #Shadows with thanks to Mark Marusic @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A sunny day on a bank holiday morn walking through the local green there’s not a cloud in the sky but what’s that dark mass behind you? nothing to fear – its only your shadow II Sat on a park […]