MLMM – Time

#MLMM #Taleweaver #Time A piece from the notebooks for this prompt – enjoy….Inky. Time has many coloursThe golden grains of sand in summerthat change the further south you gomoving by plane or wheels to and fro Time denotes a special treatAn egg at easter, or a birthday type eator opening presents on Christmas mornparents watch …

Dont lick a Wasp

#writeclub #wasp Photo by David Hablu00fctzel on Dont lick a wasp a reflection by inky I’ve always preferred Bees to wasps and there’s a very good reason why Bees when they sting – its a last resort they’d much more evade you and fly And while bees try their best to get away The …

Getting Out

#Travel #Worship #Places Salford 6th December 2020 Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, to do something i do nearly every Sunday Go to Mass It’s the start of the church year – Advent, but nobody thought about worship when the restrictions (about Covid-19) kicked in I’m now part of the Cathedral Parish …

Challenge 30 – no 5

“Abstract ” #abstract #art #technology Creating summat out of the ordinary from something ordinary Created from my computer, watch and android phone And captured and “mucked around with ” by my ipad If I were to give this piece a title, I’d call it “watching over obsolescence”

Challenge 30 – No 4

Taken Midday Half way through Saturday Fish wi summat spicy is cooking downstairs the birds are flying round the close having returned from foreign climbs and football fans are converging on a corner chippy of their favourite ground they’re in good company but i’ll wait till the cod lands on the noodles indoors.