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Valentine in a time of Lockdown


passing in corridors

two masqueraded , star crossed lovers

leaving each other small heartfelt notes

on each others stations

message clear – as eyes meet

for the briefest of moments

before the next admission comes in

Acrostic Football Performance Poetry


Salford, 28th April 2020

#Napowrimo #Sport

Sports teams require more than the eleven put out on the pitch

qualified physiotherapists, doctors and coaching staff

up at the training venues ensure

a match fit, well prepared team to

do their thing when the ref blows his whistle

Fairground Poetry

In their finest

Salford, 9th January 2019

On a Sunday morning,

In the bright sunshine

You’ll see them all

In their finest

Taking a walk

With husband or wife

Along with the children,

Escaping the strife

No work for the blacksmith

The shops are all closed

They’ve all been to church

So a walk is proposed

And while making their way

To the local town fair

Some humbugs and sweets

The family will share

As mum and dad rest

In their boaters and hats

The children play games

With the balls and their bats

Health Poetry

Old Scars


Salford, 8th April 2017

A gap in the line of teeth

caused by a toughened Chinese spare rib

hidden by the scarred lip

caught whilst shaving

Mark above the eye

that chickenpox i had to scratch

Lines in the chin – covered by facial hair

caused by a flight without wings

Another Line – Across the foot where i’d fallen and cut it ,

A victim to a stray sharp piece of broken glass

stitchmarks in my head

where the surgeons drilled away

to ease the pesky headache pains

and check the working valve and drain

Lines that tell a tale – of woe ?

A story that has time to grow

to me a tale that means a great deal

as at each stage I’ve had time to heal