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Rainy Day

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Rainy Days ?

They happen more than less at my home town

thing is people casually forget

the city and county i live in – has a number of rivers and canals

when the sun comes out this causes evaporation

and occasionally formation of the odd cloud or two

yes, they tend to drop when they’re not wanted

but the stuff that falls keep the wells and reservoirs full

and when the time is right, putting a pair of

bright red wellies on and splashing in the puddles

is great fun.

Poetry Weather Winter


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Its cold today

the mercury in the kitchen thermometer

wants the central heating on – quick

the water’s decided to

harden up

sticking to autumns fallen leaves

and while the sun has

popped over the horizon

jack frost paints

icy pictures on windows

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Final Manoevres

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The bulb in the thermometer

played a little trick

on those flying and scampering

over the gardens outside

By now they’d be hid in the nesting

or heading to warm places away

but till weather is a little bit colder

around the green grass they will stay

Too warm to just be nesting

but too cold to be hanging around

so they’re divebombing on the birdfeeders

while mice and squirrels are over the ground

Birds Seasons Weather


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The crows sat atop the garden trees

looking for their friends

They’d hopped onto a thermal wind

headed for lands end

the pigeons were still sat about

on a gable end

but the other birds were hidden

on a greenish bend

for while the trees were caked with snow

and the winter wind did blow

the birds at home stayed in their nest

away from the most unwelcome guest

Problem is the guest – you could not see

and turned up unexpectedly

with his chums rain, sleet and snow

popping up to say “Hello!”

and while the guest blew up the snow

amounts of white stuff it did grow

so deep in the evergreen the birds all flew

while winter turned trees into an igloo.

Weather Winter

waiting on the snow


There must be something

wrong with the thermometer

for the man at the

is suggesting we all

wrap up snug and warm

in the next few days

His colleagues and pals

say “its too warm for snow”

but its hiding in the clouds

while the winds are a go

waiting for a mercury drop

when on the grasses and roofs it’ll stop

So while it’s in clouds

the wildlife will stay

having their fun and playing away

till the flakes of snow land on the ground

and they head for their nests and burrows around

Garden Weather



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Ready to deliver their cargo

as they hurtle towards the ground

in time they’ll group together

negotiating past terracotta rooftiles

duck egg coloured limestone paving and

run offs leading to the canal

of course – where they want to be is where

posies, poppies, and purple violets

sit around the garden lawn

Autumn Weather

Ripples II

Cascading towards

Terra Firma

humble little water drops

head for the earth

Liquid drops

hit liquid puddles

trapped among the tarmac

creating movement down the street

Perfect Circles

move outwards

growing bigger

before merging in the puddle

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Travel Issues

#promptuarium #travelissues #snow


A winters snowfall

in the middle of spring

was, how can you put it ?




scarves coats and gloves

distributed from the boot

to front and back seats


Waiting for the repair truck

along with the others

while sat in the white stuff

going nowhere


The kids liked the idea

that jack frost, had turned

the car, and others ahead

into little igloos


Rescue services

Grin at the forward view

of a smiling snowman

at every hard shoulder


Sat in the Warm ? Out of the Cold

Ideal solution – kept in a box

Sandwiches , and Hot Bovril

Till the rescue gets us to the Services

Acrostic Emotions Weather


#fowc #mercurial

Maybe you would call it an overreaction , but

Every human being seems to have a pressure guage

Rising and falling at the drop of a hat

Could it be down to the weather perhaps ?

Umbrellas being up when the sun is meant to be shining

Really doesn’t help matters, however

If sunbeams pass through raindrops

A band of colour goes across the sky, making the

Locals, young or old, smile

Colours Poetry Weather

Sky Blue

#CYW #Skyblue

Earth showing off its best side

when this colour is seen above

you just know its going to be a great day

occasionally, the odd marshmallow

can be seen racing one another

you needn’t worry – its a blue sky day