A twist on Snakes and ladders

Salford , 30th July 2019 Basic and spinal injury centre, Salford. We’ve all played the board game of snakes and ladders before The idea is you roll the dice, go up the ladders and down the snakes all very straight forward , but has anyone tried playing it the other way round ? Where youContinue reading “A twist on Snakes and ladders”


Another piece from Inky, in response to richa’s Freedom of Expression Challenge Crack open the party poppers, for its an Extra special day today Lots of people are coming to share in Excitement, in honour of somebody who’s having a really significant Birthday…. raise the roof and dance till you drop…. tell the celebrant howContinue reading “Celebration”


Cloaked Could that new fangled coloured box, be that must have games machine you’ve been Looking at in the newspapers and magazines all year Over every review, it supposedly beats the competition hands down As you are lined up with your friends, the gossip Keeps on growing – as to what is inside it ExpectationContinue reading “Cloaked”

Billy the Conqueror

Conquer   Could it be fate, that at 11.06 a new king of the schoolyard was crowned ? In a Hastings school conquest with the town folk watching Harry saw his hopes and dreams shatter into a hundred different pieces over the tarmac floor But unlike his namesake – he didn’t get any in hisContinue reading “Billy the Conqueror”


  Local Location : Ordsall Park, Salford, UK Call it a Green Island in a Sea of Concrete A good place for a football game Trees of varying type scatter this wonderous island of Green swings and climbing frames keep youngsters amused whilst older kids send footballs into the northern air as the local wildlifeContinue reading “Local”

Golden Moments

In another place, whilst I eat my tea Our brave athletes are going for victory flying round tracks and fields of all kind focused on goals in body and mind Prepared for the task – with targets in hand strategies made – and races planned Zeus watches on as the events unfold as Britain goesContinue reading “Golden Moments”

A City United

As a sporting Volunteer in the county, I’ve had the honour of helping out at some great venues throughout Greater Manchester. This painting was created in Corel Painter Essentials by me.   It’s of the City of Manchester Stadium (or as the Manchester City Fans now know it, The Etihad).  The current home to ManchesterContinue reading “A City United”


I’ve been looking over my notebooks, and found this particular acrostic – I wrote it whilst I was undergoing tests recently at Salford Royal Hospital…(Don’t worry folks – i’m fine!) – I wrote scribbles to pass the time away whilst investigations took place. Passing through Mazes At lightning speed Collecting dots and power pills whichContinue reading “Pacman”