Poetry Garden

In the beginning….

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It started as a plot of land owned

by a farmer – who used it

as fodder for his cows and sheep

in the wintertime

Fencing went up

as the cows and sheep

moved into another field

and a “For sale” Sign rose up

Nearby cottage owners

clubbed together

and as the farmer pocketed the cash

the cottage owners picked up the field

Carrots, Parsnip, Turnip and Swede

were planted to make the venture succeed

whilst flowers and fruit trees of various kinds

were planted to please inquisitive minds

The vegetables were made into delicious soup

while fruit pies were made by the enterprising group

and ate for teas down the street

occasionally sold at the village fair for a treat

Animals Nature Poetry

On the Hunt

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He’s off on the hunt again

up and down known paths

navigating the trees for summat tasty

the cubs and his missus want feeding

its why he’s on the edge of his territory

next thing you know – he’ll be scouring the food bins – or picking off

guinea fowl or geese by the riverbank

Holidays Poetry Summer Weather

Journey’s end

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A nod to Maire @ Writeclub for the prompt!

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we headed out to far off shores

looking for the sun

bags all packed, and hotel confirmed

we were off to have some fun

travelling past coastal seas

and taking in nearby hostelries

eating several cream teas

on our journey to the sun

Passing vast fields of green

much more than in a city seen

through a colourful rainbow arc

holiday feelings begin to spark

Crossing counties, weathers change

different types and different range

sunshine, wind, hail and rain

roadworks wishing we’d gone by train

But on arrival – what a treat!

sitting by a table at a sunny retreat

enjoying our view, by our place by the sea

and enjoying the taste – of a coastal cream tea


Summer with the water rats

#cento #summer #napowrimo

now i was young and easy under the apple boughs

on either side the river lie

blossoms and dewdrops at the bent sprays edge

open unto the fields, and to the sky

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone

meet in her aspect and her eyes

loveliest of trees, the cherry now

by silver reeds in a silver stream

from troubles of the world, by water cool

and a thousand fragrant posies

a glimmering girl, with blossom in her hair

moving through the brightening air

Poetry Volunteering

Recipe for Success

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What makes up a successful day?

Recipes vary – so make it your way

curious minds working together in a task

putting in an effort for the public when asked

solving dilemmas in imaginative ways

and providing answers to all in a day

giving directions so people get to a sport

whether Bow end of city, Stern end or port

joining in with honesty, fairness and pride

and kindness from the vollies that comes from inside

Acrostic Poetry

Lamp post

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Lining the city streets

a touch of craftsmanship,

making the green spaces safe for

pedestrians to walk about at night

of course, their lights are turned off when the

sun is at its height

that’s when people sit on the park bench nearby it

Home Humour Life

The Clattering of Blinds

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with a nod to Georgia @ Writeclub!

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They keep the sharp light out

It’s why they were installed

and send a message to all outside

you’re not available to call

But there are some nosey parkers

who use these things for fun

as you hear turn of the gears

letting in the peek of the sun

The signs of life are apparent,

from the waste of takeaway Chinese

and backdoors been moving a plenty

deliveries been taken with ease

So while you’re out on the Garden lawn

getting vitamin E from the sun

they’re peering out from the shutters

watching everyone on a run

And you know just as well, they’re in there

from the sound of the rattling of tin

there’s no point in making denials

when they say they were out – they were in!

Buildings Places Poetry


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#Napowrimo #Syntax #Scaffolding

They’re building something – big

Metallic spaghetti rising high into the sky

Something to keep the buildings bits together

while it’s put in its place

Its going to be big

soaring into the skies above

the builders on its framework

need a head for heights

Ladders reaching for the moon

as floors are built – one to ten

bricks and breezeblocks needed

on each and every floor

Structure taking shape, while the builders do their thing

and other craftsman travel through

making sure you can make a brew or watch tv

when all the work is done

Building complete ? Structure Sound ?

Spaghetti makes its way back to level one

Where big wheeled wagons are waiting

to take it to the next construction.

Art Poetry Water

Down the Plughole

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Down the Plughole with whirl applied
Places Poetry


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A Writeclub Prompt C/o Louis

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Imagine a place

where underfoot

layer after layer

there was only soot

You’d dig for treasure

Diamonds and Gold

only to find

yourself growing old

for searching like crazy

in apparent red mist

the only thing found

that seemed to persist

was the movement of soot

to spoilheap from floor

as you keep on digging – expecting more

than a whole heap of nothing.