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  • National Poetry Day

    #Nationalpoetryday #UnitedKingdom #Education #Poetry A poem for National Poetry Day in UK – My Octpowrimo is on now too – just click the link.

  • Thunder

    #Octpowrimo #Weather #Thunder #Lightning There was a flash of light a few seconds ago and it gave some of a fright as it travelled through the darkness and crackled through the night but how far away , was the bolt from the gods firing across the skies like lightning rods? As people observe the weather […]

  • What is a Jigsaw?

    #Writeclub #Whatis for this prompt, i had to try to explain to an alien what a particular item was – i picked a jigsaw – enjoy! Think of a picture of Zaphod-C that’s hurtled on to the floor of your ship or been zapped into a thousand pieces It’ll remind you of those asteroids you […]

  • Reflections on Home

    Reflections on Home

    #Socs It’s where the heart is – or so they say It’s bricks and mortar, but so much more A place of life, of reflection and one of rest As you come back from learning or place of work A place you feel familiar with And the people you know It may be true, looking […]

  • Why?


    #Socs #Why Why? The question that never gets answered dominoes topple as answers given get followed up with the same question and you find instead of a straight road it’s bent and formed to something circular where your answers lead back to the obvious question Why

  • Glass Heart

    #writeclub I suppose you could call it fragile And perhaps you could call it hard passed to the one you love and care about most but they’ll have to take care for events in this tangled love match might see it fall and ultimately – break

  • A Kestrel Came Calling

    #birds #kestrel #poetry A Kestrel came a calling on a summers Sunday morn it was on a hunt for squeakers as its chicks had just been born A Kestrel came a calling diving on the roof pinching the spoils of the locals attacking with claw and tooth A Kestrel came a calling the neighbours wondered […]

  • Dialect

    #lancashire #sayings There’s been trouble at Mill this morning the chaos has been obvious to see the cook in the kitchen is flummoxed as someone has messed up works tea See the barmpot of the mill came a calling to see what their having for lunch and he’d switched the lamb leg for smoked haddock […]

  • Sunflowers


    The field of sunflowers spent the week looking for the sun The Sun that week was resting behind some very fluffy clouds Those at the front of the field wondered where their source of sunlight had gone Those in the middle jostled about, in the hope they’d catch a ray or two A couple turned […]

  • Umbrella


    #Socs #u #Umbrella Unless you’ve not noticed My regular use isn’t required in the summer months But there are other ways i can be used, as Radiation bounces on grassy floors – little un’s Expect a bit of cover from the sunshine so as Lemonade is drunk with some nice cakes and buns – i […]