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The weatherman said it was going to be sunny

The clouds in the morning disagreed

The sun who was blocked out by the cloud

Then began to plead

For unbeknown to the clouds in the sky

I thought i’d give a walk a try

visiting a place that i’d never been

and take in the sights all lush and green

I took a train, to a park down the line

and everything seemed to be working out fine

but whilst on the train, the wind it did blow

and spots of rain falling, made me feel low

I sat in my seat, as the rain it did fall

and wanted my journey to end if at all

but someone in sky must have heard my cry

as something appeared with a friendly hi

The wind moved the clouds, and the rain it did too

as the sky turned back a lovely sky blue

and tween the split clouds, a colourful arc

just as the train , approached the park

So i sat by the shop, in the park by the hall

and enjoyed a nice lunch by the cafe by the wall

and walked it all off, enjoying the view

and those clouds that followed me – were small and were few

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its building in the streets

wondering if

Maybe – Just maybe

the men and the ministry

will tell us we can go back to normal



calling their nannas and grandads

plans being formulated

over an i-pad screen

rendezvous to see them

and share a hug


The athletes preparing

to jet off in search for gold

times and distances to be broken

records to be re-written

under the umbrella of prevention

will search be fruitful – here’s hoping


Final preparations draw near

to the victor – comes the shiny trophy

Two nations, expect

The weight of expectation – balanced

Till the referee blows his whistle

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Airmail (image from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie )

There were moments , she hated the winter weather

The rain, the snow and the biting hail

but while everyone was locked inside

held in by the invisible bug

she was grateful for messages

being sent across island waters

by the four winds north south east and west



The men with the money

were at the soup kitchen today

a place where the homeless

go for their lunch

The men with the money

say there’s plenty of homes

they’re dropping them on the council land

like bits of confetti

And the men with the money

say its all been approved

while they cut out the affordable

and the homeless were moved

Where did they go – on the darkest of nights

to a place that was open – avoiding the fights

away from the shiny bright towers of the rich

not far from the spot – they call their pitch

But out of the darkness – a small ray of light

as a lad finds himself a bed for the night

and cheers in abundance as his pals they all smile

as he’ll be out of the cold and the rain for a while

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Holding on to

One beam of starlight – the

Possibility that , Perhaps

Everything will be ok when the sun comes up


Heaven’s Gift,

Over which

People have positive thoughts for

Everything Going Right

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Picking up Radio 3


They’re a funny thing!…with all those little gifts that they bring.
Head pressures, fireflies and aversion to sun
and that’s before they’ve even begun

I might have appreciated Kipling or Keats,
but instead, something musical its left as a treat.
A Clashing steel cymbal, a large kettle drum
A Brass section blaring out noises not hums

They’re playing a jam – as I try to sleep,
as night time moves slowly – the noise it just leaps
all as I try to rest my sore head
and hide under the pillows at the top of the bed

The band in my head – is jamming it loud
the horn sections blasting their flugelhorns proud
Never playing their sounds in the day
Preferring the night during sleep they will play.

But smile I will, as those horns they will jive
The sound of that music – means I’m still alive
Even though, it appears to me
My head’s stuck on Jazz Night on Radio 3