Acrostic Beach Poetry Water


#fowc #sponge


Something found on the sea shore

perhaps lying lazily around the cockles, whelks and clams

on occasion, travelling by bobbing about the water

numbers of them can be spotted on the seaweed

getting their nutrients for the day from

each drop of seaweed they enjoy


Supping up the drops of soapy bathwater

propped up by perfumed foam

often sinking below the water line

navigating its way towards the plug hole

gets squeezed during bath time by

excitable kiddies

Holidays Outdoor Pursuits Outdoors


#writephoto #retreat

The retreat (Image :KL Caley)

Sometimes, there’s a need to

just get away from the hustle and bustle

of the big city.

Find somewhere

quiet and out of the way

and relax

where the air is fresh

the grass is green

and you’re free – from pressures of life

enjoying the peace

and the fresh air

and maybe a tasty bite or two

Watching the wildlife

taking a dip

before taking a dip, yourself

Weather Winter

waiting on the snow


There must be something

wrong with the thermometer

for the man at the

is suggesting we all

wrap up snug and warm

in the next few days

His colleagues and pals

say “its too warm for snow”

but its hiding in the clouds

while the winds are a go

waiting for a mercury drop

when on the grasses and roofs it’ll stop

So while it’s in clouds

the wildlife will stay

having their fun and playing away

till the flakes of snow land on the ground

and they head for their nests and burrows around

Animals Colours


#CYW #Beaver

Builder of some wonderful constructions

every day he’s going down stream for materials

and crafting them so they adapt to his home

versatile in the way he places each stick

each one having its own purpose

rivers brooks and

streams keep moving – but he’s directing the flow


Through the cracks


The multi storey car park

was now under “New Ownership”

Demolition squads turned on their heels

as vines and creepers wrapped themselves

around the concrete pillars

and where the fast and the furious

parked their wonder cars

carpets of wildflowers –

occupied each floor

now resident to squirrel, mole, rat and beaver

abandoned by the humans

taken over by mother nature esquire.

Acrostic Birds Outdoors Parks Places Poetry


Geese on Salford Quays (Image by Inky)

Guard your picnic lunches

as here they come – in packs again

necks peering over bags, looking for

delicacies they can happily chomp on

expect a bit of trouble – as there will be a

ruckus tween feathered friends – over the prize

Animals Nature Outdoors


#fowc #falling

From a considerable height

an acorn and his chums

launched themselves off a

leafy covered tree

in wait, the local wildlife

now waiting for the fruits of the tree, aided by


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The day Big Ben landed in Manchester

Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester.

A response by inky

Big Ben lands in Piccadilly gardens, as part of Manchester international festival #MIF21

Among the summer fountains

and stalls for this and that

something from Westminster

landed on ground – Flat

It took local wildlife by surprise

and pigeons they did up and rise

to see this tower – now lying adrift

on their spot they were a little miffed

The fountains spurted in their shock

while seagulls in their turn – did mock

“We thought we didn’t have the power

and now we have to put up with this tower?”

The clock – itself – was quiet that day

as the visiting public made their way

giving the tower some funny looks

as the tower was covered in paperback books

#Socs #Poetry #Mif21

Garden Nature Outdoors Parks

Through the Garden Gate II


wondering over terracotta tiles

passing scents of geraniums and delphinums

trees of deciduous and conifer lining the way

till you reach the wooden door

not as you think – the end of the walk

merely the beginning – as a path twists and turns

passing through woodland and flowery borders

sounds of birdsong and wildlife round every corner


Wild Upminster


While the humans are sleeping

under the sodium lamps – the animals party

up and down the streets they go

playing in the peoples greens and

carefully trimmed fruit tree

They’re making a wonderous din

crashing over wheelie bins and feasting on the leftovers

all hidden from human ear by two plates of glass

when they are woken by the carnival

it’s just passed on by

Sleeping in their fox holes

or hidey holes in the trees

there’s just the litter pickers patrolling

picking up the remains of the night before