Rush hour III

The trees are bending moving to a western tune played by coming wind rolling autumn leaves around tarmac cul-de-sacs to the alley’s end follow the brown leaves and you find them piled up high by a pelican some decide to rest whilst others run the gauntlet towards the river final resting spot ? answer toContinue reading “Rush hour III”


#Octpowrimo #Lightness Salford, 29th October 2019 As summer draws to a close and green leaves turn to red the leaves of the less evergreen aided by wind rain and streams float off in a dream, light as a feather to their final resting spot where they leave a mark of colour on the paths aroundContinue reading “Lightness”

Octpowrimo – Seeing

#Octpowrimo #Seeing Look down the path – and what do you see ? cascade of colours moved by the autumn breeze or cold bare branches, bending in the wind ? I can see an opportunity to be the first person through the leaves – before the snow 🙂

Back together again

It’s not easy being me…. I took a fall from a window and went into flight aided by the northwest wind I went to pieces, without assistance My head and legs went different places I thought – “that’s it!” – and went to bits as i thought i’d played my aces But from the kerbContinue reading “Back together again”


A post in response to the Tuesday Photo Challenge from Inky Tuesday 26th March 2019 What’s with the guitar Inky ? I thought i’d start with the musical link – an electric guitar. Clapton, May, Deacon come to mind. It’s loud but in time is methodical, and lyrical – its also the nearest thing toContinue reading “Rock”

Not so fun fair

Salford, 15th September 2018 #Promptuarium #funfair The park wasn’t the same since the incident the big wheel now sits there alone the funfair moved on – down the road to another town no explanation given, and silence from its visitors as gory decoration sways from the wheel in the northern wind  

Two Quarrelling Brothers

I sat watching by the window as two quarrelling brothers traded blows over a tree outside both lay claim on this tall green beauty and each tried their hardest to get it for themselves but as day turned into night the tree stayed rooted to its spot and neither brother got what they wanted optingContinue reading “Two Quarrelling Brothers”


Adrift Down the road blown by the wind rafts of snow travel quickly in forms that move like starlings forward and back, the snowflakes move till the wind drops, and they land softly on the lawn   deftly floating it’s way out to sea rickety branches travel across the water in expectation they’ll find theirContinue reading “Drift”