Rising Up

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge. Photo credit: Tanya Grant. The trees started off small Tiny compared to their parents The saplings sleeping in their bed of soil The animals that lived there Shared the spoils, feeding the tree while eating the fruit And slowly the trees headed for the sky and from the tops littleContinue reading “Rising Up”

Journey’s end

#napowrimo #writeclub #holidays A nod to Maire @ Writeclub for the prompt! we headed out to far off shores looking for the sun bags all packed, and hotel confirmed we were off to have some fun travelling past coastal seas and taking in nearby hostelries eating several cream teas on our journey to the sunContinue reading “Journey’s end”


#writeclub #freezing If you think you’re feeling cold today count yourself lucky you could be a bird hanging about in the winter time tending to its clutch of eggs while cold winds from the north blow through the trees that said, you could be a fish down in the water of the darkest sea theContinue reading “Freezing”

waiting on the snow

#weather There must be something wrong with the thermometer for the man at the met.office is suggesting we all wrap up snug and warm in the next few days His colleagues and pals say “its too warm for snow” but its hiding in the clouds while the winds are a go waiting for a mercuryContinue reading “waiting on the snow”


They’re off on a journey Travelling by air Through skies of blue The destination – yet unknown That depends on the breeze they chase The arrival time – when the wind drops Then they’ll take a siesta, in The nearest spot of soil Till time awakens them all and Their new flowers appear They mayContinue reading “Breeze”

Hole with a view

#whatsinthepicture #photoprompt Golf can be a treacherous game walking out miles from the safety of the cosy clubhouse to the first tee journey rugged to a deceptive beauty ball carefully placed on the tee club measured for the perfect weight of shot but golfer beware for out on the windy cliff you may find yourContinue reading “Hole with a view”