#Octpowrimo #Silence Tuesday 15th October 2019 It’s quiet – maybe too quiet A pin would definitely be the noisiest thing in the room :- but there’s a reason for the silence final preparations for those end of year papers like the whole of the fifth year had joined a monastic order even the ladies andContinue reading “Silence”


Crescendo The noise began softly enough as the orchestra’s strings began to play the flutes and the piccalos joined in with the tune led by an oboe and a bassoon to the listenener the music was perfectly poised as those there playing were joined by a bang and held in the air – silence itContinue reading “Crescendo”

Photo Challenge : Solitude

Solitude     Early morning sunrise 🌅 the fishing boats crews asleep in bed no one here but me and the sea 🌊 stillness of air and silence only broken by the smallest of waves lapping on the shore burying my toes into uncharted sand and tiny pebbles washed by the sea enjoying the silenceContinue reading “Photo Challenge : Solitude”


eerie Eerie, by Brian F Kirkham   The most frightening thing about Halloween – Nothing’s going on! No cars moving down main street No children around saying “Trick or Treat” Not a sound of a Movement in the midnight air Look out of the window – there’s nobody there but floating through air – theContinue reading “Eerie”