#Earth #Earthquakes #gas #oil #water In the rush for fossil oil and gas people have been a bit of an ass the drillers don’t mind what mess they make or even the tremors the movements or quakes they’re throwing their cash – to drill down the ground in hope that a prize of riches canContinue reading “Earthquake”


Adrift Down the road blown by the wind rafts of snow travel quickly in forms that move like starlings forward and back, the snowflakes move till the wind drops, and they land softly on the lawn   deftly floating it’s way out to sea rickety branches travel across the water in expectation they’ll find theirContinue reading “Drift”


unstoppable this first line is now history.. That is a fact.  For until a timelord lands in Salford tomorrow morning and plonks his TARDIS on the front lawn, I will be another day older when the sun rises in the morning. The planets and moons will still turn around our sun and the flora and faunaContinue reading “Unstoppable”

Photography Class @ BASIC, Salford

Another Day in BASICs Photography Class – and today we’ve been doing a spot of Motion Photography.  It basically revolved about slowing down the speed of the shot to capture the movement in the picture.  The cameras were kept steady using a tripod or a flat surface and the shutter speed was brought up toContinue reading “Photography Class @ BASIC, Salford”