Tag: Lockdown poems

  • Valentine in a time of Lockdown

    #Valentinesday passing in corridors two masqueraded , star crossed lovers leaving each other small heartfelt notes on each others stations message clear – as eyes meet for the briefest of moments before the next admission comes in

  • Marauders

    #promptuarium #marauders Silence broken at sunrise with everyone indoors, they came in their thousands as the humans slept in their beds raiding every receptacle on their radar and making a meal of any foodstuff they could find

  • Airmail

    #MLMM #Photochallenge There were moments , she hated the winter weather The rain, the snow and the biting hail but while everyone was locked inside held in by the invisible bug she was grateful for messages being sent across island waters by the four winds north south east and west

  • Screamin’ Green

    #cyw #screamingreen Sure, you know how to make an entrance carnivores on the lookout know just who to steer clear of when roaming the jungle canopies everyone gives you respectful distance as they know if they eat you, they might get mightily ill – and for a meat muncher its not good if you look […]

  • the sky is the limit

    #socs #theskyisthelimit The sunshine peeks through the panes of glass and what do you see? feathered friends flying over local rooftops navigating through clouds and fog and resting on terracotta tiles meanwhile you’re sat indoors, held prisoner by a microscopic bug don’t let that stop you though – there’s thousands of places you can go […]

  • Heffalumps


    Perhaps its my inner pooh-bear at play but i’m crazee about these happy jungle animals you’ll see they have big ears and long noses definately adept at reaching fruit and nuts elevated in the tallest trees really high up many seen in the jungle, but also seen elsewhere

  • Lockdown – an acrostic

    #acrostic #lockdown Magpies are having a field day as the neighbourhood still sleeps nipping on and off the rooftiles while cats on the ground they creep household activity – minimum everyone’s taken to bed, for somebody said there’s a lockdown, so they’ve decided to rest their heads even the stadiums are empty – no fans […]

  • The bug

    Salford 16th October 2020 I haven’t wrote much in regarding Covid – 19, but given the recent news on a proposed regionalised lockdown – here’s a mothra A Mothra, from inky. Well Looking Around Here we are Another day of restrictions Movements from here to there Masked up in cause of health while a bug […]

  • Parcel of fun

    #food #curry #pastie #FDDA To some its a heavenly dish kept wrapped up in its pastry parcel king of the curries (created by the british) arm yourself though – the recipes vary Made the same way of the days of empire a meat is spiced in a number of spices and rolled around in a […]

  • Bring on the puddings!

    #FDDA #Sweet #Sponge #Puddings I do like a sponge pudding coming to life in the oven covered in fruity delights sweet soft pillows of loveliness and that’s before you get to the custard!