Butterfly in the Garden

Bringing a flash of colour from the movement of its wings the sight of them landing on the greens oh what joy it brings like windows of brightness they appear on the green having grown from caterpillars mostly unseen with wings translucent it passes by it brings to the watcher a smile who watches asContinue reading “Butterfly in the Garden”

Getting Arty

#Freedomofexpression #Art A response to the latest challenge from Iscriblrs Freedom of expression series (and yes – I will be getting arty with his one!) A pencil and paper – the start of the process Composing where the individual flowers went Encapsulating the sandstone sundial at its heart Transferred to hardened plastic And painted inContinue reading “Getting Arty”


A response to #Iscriblr’s Freedom of Expression challenge Where I’ve come with my new hobby It was never about capturing a moment blink at the wrong time – it was gone hands gripped around the camera like my life depended on it but then with the picture of a simple silver garden decoration I sawContinue reading “Reflection”


#promptuarium #ghosts #animals #acrostic #children Grandfather always wondered How every time his favourite granddaughter visited Out in the garden, the traps stayed empty – and Something furry was nibbling at his prize vegetables They all seemed to reside by the tree at the back – where the children’s Swing rested on a branch – hisContinue reading “Necromancy”