Cats Garden Poetry

Garden Antics

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Photo by Aleksandr Nadyojin on

As fresh green grass

shoots up through hardened soil

winged squadrons

practice their manoeuvres


Nose diving into bird baths

splashing in the rainwater

searching out seeds

or occasional


with all this fun

caution – is in the air

those wing commanders better beware

for the resident puddytat

is watching – with a knowing stare!

Acrostic Colours Flowers Garden Poetry


#Fowc #Cluster

Coming to life from beneath the ground

leaves hiding a burst of colour

until its time for the flowers to

say “Hello!” to the bright morning sky. keeping

together for their own protection

each individual flower adding their own bit of

radiant colour to the garden

Birds Character Christmas Garden


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Photo by Pixabay on

Residing on a garden fence

by a lawn of grass and snow

he sits there with a festive hello

looking down below

He’s feasting on a pre-Christmas lunch

a bar of fat and seed

its got all of those vital things

that in winter, a bird does need

And while the mums and dads are out shopping

he’ll hop and skip with glee

up and about the evergreen branches

on the outside Christmas tree

Christmas Flowers Garden Holidays People


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Photo by Anna Pechuro on

Here’s a girl you see every christmas tide

often seen picking the prickly evergreen

like her life depended on it

later she’ll be putting it carefully around the

yearly table decorations – making the candles look pretty

Garden Nature


Dandelion Seed Clock

They’re off on a journey

Travelling by air

Through skies of blue

The destination – yet unknown

That depends on the breeze they chase

The arrival time – when the wind drops

Then they’ll take a siesta, in

The nearest spot of soil

Till time awakens them all and

Their new flowers appear

They may be called “Weeds” but

There’s more to these wildflowers

They’re Bright yellow Dandelions – watch them roar!

Garden Poetry

Poisonous Plants

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Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley

Positioned where they are in the garden,

perhaps its best leaving them where they are…

pretty colours often a sign to the

present wildlife – to stay away,

of course – the pesky bees and wasps are welcome

pollen needs to be spread – so they grow again next time

precaution needs to be made of course

pretty colours often contain some kind of deterrent

pepper red – a message to canine, feline and human alike

please! don’t eat me….

Cooking Food Fruit Garden Nature

A fruity San-San

#fruit #tree #pie #San-San

Growing against the stone tudor wall

hanging fruit ripens for the pie

coming from the tree but once a season

the fruit answers the cooks call

as over the garden young birds do fly

could this be why its baked with haste

there could be no other plausible reason

to deprive the feathered friends a taste

Garden Weather



Photo by Pixabay on

Ready to deliver their cargo

as they hurtle towards the ground

in time they’ll group together

negotiating past terracotta rooftiles

duck egg coloured limestone paving and

run offs leading to the canal

of course – where they want to be is where

posies, poppies, and purple violets

sit around the garden lawn

Birds Garden Summer

The visitor

#birds #summer


He landed last night

having visited someplace sunny

having spotted the green and blues and pinks

he decided to stay around for a while

The locals were friendly

advising on spots over the fence

where for a little bit of effort

you could get a really good feed

You could find a spa up and down the road

bird baths a plenty in this town

and lots of alternate accommodation

if the lodgings were too tight

With new friends met, and food in mounds

our friend’s decided to stick around

and the others think he’s not a guest

he’s family – living in his own new nest….

Food Fruit Garden

Wild strawberry

#cyw #wildstrawberry


You couldn’t call them cultivated – or even cultured

growing wild among the grasses

berries as sweet as their cultured cousins

but grown up in the wind and the rain

out in the meadows and forests

no polytunnels here

but just as red and just as tasty,

with a dollop of cream