Acrostic Poetry Winter


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Holes in the pavement

and black ice – dont really make good conditions for

zipping about on a winters morning

as one or the other will see you flat on your back or

rolling about on the floor – worse still – the

drop might see you in a hospital bed

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Valentine in a time of Lockdown


passing in corridors

two masqueraded , star crossed lovers

leaving each other small heartfelt notes

on each others stations

message clear – as eyes meet

for the briefest of moments

before the next admission comes in

Acrostic Health Poetry


#Octpowrimo #Broken

more than one penny dropped

on the fall to the ground

vision went haywire while

every single memory

moved around like scrambled eggs

expectation – another rendezvous with the

neurological ward

to fix the problems caused by the drop

Acrostic Health Humour Insects Poetry



Salford, 17th September 2017

Someone should have

Told the sun worshipper to not go near that hive

Instead they went on a honey hunt – and met some angry bees

Note – they were whisked straight off to First aid –

“Got to tell you” – said the nurse – this is going to hurt…..

Health Poetry

Old Scars


Salford, 8th April 2017

A gap in the line of teeth

caused by a toughened Chinese spare rib

hidden by the scarred lip

caught whilst shaving

Mark above the eye

that chickenpox i had to scratch

Lines in the chin – covered by facial hair

caused by a flight without wings

Another Line – Across the foot where i’d fallen and cut it ,

A victim to a stray sharp piece of broken glass

stitchmarks in my head

where the surgeons drilled away

to ease the pesky headache pains

and check the working valve and drain

Lines that tell a tale – of woe ?

A story that has time to grow

to me a tale that means a great deal

as at each stage I’ve had time to heal

Health Poetry

Getting Better

From the home of my “Pacman” Poem (Hospital Bed, Hope Hospital, Salford)

I wrote this whilst undergoing tests on my pressure valve.

Found it in my notebook – and decided to share…(28/8/15)


Its time to give the headaches a break,

and give feeling well a try

Time to let those pains go free

and let the pressures fly


So, i’ll let the surgeons work

to ease the pains before they go berserk

and as I let them do their best

I’ll give myself a bit of a rest


Health Humour Poetry

Picking up Radio 3


They’re a funny thing!…with all those little gifts that they bring.
Head pressures, fireflies and aversion to sun
and that’s before they’ve even begun

I might have appreciated Kipling or Keats,
but instead, something musical its left as a treat.
A Clashing steel cymbal, a large kettle drum
A Brass section blaring out noises not hums

They’re playing a jam – as I try to sleep,
as night time moves slowly – the noise it just leaps
all as I try to rest my sore head
and hide under the pillows at the top of the bed

The band in my head – is jamming it loud
the horn sections blasting their flugelhorns proud
Never playing their sounds in the day
Preferring the night during sleep they will play.

But smile I will, as those horns they will jive
The sound of that music – means I’m still alive
Even though, it appears to me
My head’s stuck on Jazz Night on Radio 3