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  • A walk on the sands

    #writephoto #beach A Northern beach (possibly Prestatyn), I Its not that cold today compared to the last few weeks it’s positively balmy the mercury in the kitchen thermometer sends a message – enjoy it while it lasts II Northern sea says hello rolling about and frothing as it does “come and play!” it laughs as […]

  • Put a Pin on it

    Put a Pin on it

    #socs #pin Someone once told me – you never really leave the scouts In a sense – i guess they were right. Why? i hear you ask – because of some little things picked up along the way back when i was a cub scout (yeah! i am that old) when we went on expeditions […]

  • Airmail

    #MLMM #Photochallenge There were moments , she hated the winter weather The rain, the snow and the biting hail but while everyone was locked inside held in by the invisible bug she was grateful for messages being sent across island waters by the four winds north south east and west

  • Squadron

    A write club acrostic, written by inky. #Imperialwarmuseum #Airfix #Planes #Squadron #Military #Aircraft Sat atop a great height quite a few planes, old and new used to being in hangars, have found a home by the waters of a canal definitely a peacetime operation red arrows escorting a Spitfire veteran and other D-Day participants – […]

  • Aurora

    #Aurora #Weekend #Writing #Prompt A weekend writing prompt from https://Sammiesscribbles.wordpress.com Poem or Prose in 28 Words – Okay!!!! Polar bears are partying under nights light show the snow is twinkling with various different colours moving about on ice like the mirrorball chasing the disco floor beams

  • Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces

    Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces

    #Octpowrimo #Brokenpieces Imperial War Museum North, Manchester UK (via the Inkwell), 22nd October 2019 How does someone express the act of war ? take you through a hundred years and tell that tale – that no one else can tell anymore. The man with a vision took a thing for brewing his cuppa and changed […]

  • Poppy Hospital

    Poppy Hospital

    #Craft #Museum #Poppy #Damage IWM North, Manchester 17th November 2018 From time to Mother nature has been at the Implanted ceramics by the canalside X-tra ceramic poppies have had to be brought in Even barriers – and broken ones have to be sent to the poppy hospital Damage repaired with Slip and Glue (and more […]

  • Visiting Duxford

    Visiting Duxford

    Monday 5th June 2017 Venue : Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridge An early morning start at IWM North on Monday, as we met up with fellow volunteers and staff from the other branches at IWM Duxford for Volunteers week. We travelled south through the Midlands on our journey, stopping off on some familiar services on […]

  • Flight


    Hoped to see something special – and I wasn’t disappointed

  • Snow 🌨

    Snow 🌨

    Salford 28th February 2017 So, here it goes new Year and January have left the party old father times moving on to spring winter ❄️ you would think 💭 is getting ready to take a nap 😴 somebody didnt read the script at the pole northern winds have delivered something, covering over the terracotta tiles […]