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Salford 6th December 2020

Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, to do something i do nearly every Sunday

Go to Mass

It’s the start of the church year – Advent, but nobody thought about worship when the restrictions (about Covid-19) kicked in

I’m now part of the Cathedral Parish (even though they took the name of my old Parish, when amalgamation was made)

And while the Covid Bug has been about, i’ve done most of mass over the internet…..but not today.

So Mask on , and navigating the subway, i cross two postcode boundaries on my way to church….and walking down the Manchester Feeder road (the crescent / chapel st) that passes the local university.

Eagle eye flicking back and forth towards my timepiece

Covid means a change to things, masks , cleaning hands and stewards on every corner of the walkways….No sharing of benches – unless they’re in my bubble. The Mask stays on throughout. One thing though – some things seem shorter….the offertory is by the altar…sign of peace not done

and after mass – leaving church without socialising

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  1. Peter’s pondering

    The same…..but different!

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Same here.

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