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  • Clear


    #Socs #Clear #Air #Water The water in the glass as clear as day keeping a view of each cloud in your way notice – the water – you can see right through ! including the clouds ahead in your view.

  • Exhale

    #WDYS #Napowrimo Time to take a moment…. Three day weekends are there To be enjoyed not laboured through Take a while to move your feet through a spring green full of flowers tip toe through the tulips (or daffodils) Take a moment, to enjoy what’s around you enjoy a sandwich and cake under a tree […]

  • Castle in the Air

    Castle in the Air

    #WDYS He’d climbed that hill for many days till he decided to stop at a misty spot ahead a crafted house with spires and towers and follies the occupants? off and away on their jollies had he found heaven? hard to say but for a while he’ll rest here have a picnic and play

  • Breeze

    They’re off on a journey Travelling by air Through skies of blue The destination – yet unknown That depends on the breeze they chase The arrival time – when the wind drops Then they’ll take a siesta, in The nearest spot of soil Till time awakens them all and Their new flowers appear They may […]

  • Ebb and Flow

    Ebb and Flow

    #sea #seaside #waters #shells #seaweed The sea played with the man on the beach as he walked along the sand blue turning to sky blue then white to catch the sun worshipper and give him a fright But after a while the man came up to the sea in an attempt to dip his toes […]

  • Point of evaporation

    Point of evaporation

    #writeclub a response to a writeclub prompt by inky The heat of the kitchen was the moment The hydrogen twins departed from their oxygen mum And went their own way Flying around the air In an attempt to find their own space

  • North of the farm

    #Promptuarium #Aliens #farm Mr and Mrs Giles were bemused to say the least when their arable field became home to an enormous beast Two visitors from mars knocked on their door and sheepishly sent their eyes to the floor “we’re sorry we landed, in your field Mr Giles but there wasn’t a place for Daisy […]

  • Red Arrow

    #Acrostic #Model #Plane Royal air force display team plane engineered by the modellists designed to fit together – without any glue As things go – it was Really easy to put together – snapping together Red white and blue flag on the tailfin Only cause for concern When the plane falls from its perch – […]

  • Trick or Treat ?

    Trick or Treat ?

    #Socs #Halloween #Trick #Treat #octpowrimo No lanterns coming to the front porch No ghosts floating past the door No Vampires not worrying ’bout their canines No Werewolves coming to explore The street is surprisingly quiet the children all indoors as parents keep them from bugs in the air and other nasty spores But there’s bobbing […]

  • Heads or tails

    #Socs #toss a piece on a coin toss for #Socs by inky 50:50 – I think that’s what they call it chances of you picking the right side of the coin It seems so plausible – there’s only two choices but like a smaller version of a roulette wheel the fates are rising and falling […]