Challenge 30 – No9

Older than me For this challenge, I scoured the archive of my photos looking for an old photo…..I didn’t find one (Ha Ha) but among my archive I did find this Just up the road from where I live in Salford. It was built in the 19th Century, and the spire still shows the dateContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No9”

Colour of the crown

#Coloryourworld #cyw #royalpurple Perched on her majesty’s head Under the frame of silver and jewel Royal colour emits from the crown Perhaps – it denotes her status – as head of her church Like priests and bishops wear the colour in spring at mass in parishes up and down England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Is anything sacred ?

Sacred They’re tearing down temples for a flash B & B The places of worship, they think they are twee.   They’re moving the pulpits to community halls whilst taking a digger to break down brick walls   In name they call – “Progress” Its the communities loss for the one who wont replace itContinue reading “Is anything sacred ?”

Opportunity Arises – Praise Be!

I attended mass this morning, having been away after tests in hospital and the holiday in Turkey and have been presented with a bit of a challenge…. “Draw up a web site for the local RC Church and Parish” I had a bit of hindsight on this one to be truthful – as one ofContinue reading “Opportunity Arises – Praise Be!”