#map #fowc many a sailor or perhaps a buccaneer has used one of these in pursuit of treasure many you will find, as a guide for potential explorers putting their feet across peak district peat bogs most are a guide for weary travellers ambling across the uk road network perhaps they could have taken theContinue reading “Map”

Mind the Gap

#Fowc #Gap The warning signs tell you Mind the gap but to some it seems an elaborate trap for all those important seem to step over line the message isn’t for them to them – all is fine but you find yourself making an emergency call as one ignores the gap and one of themContinue reading “Mind the Gap”

Cats eyes

Salford, 9th April 2019 I never really got those markers in the road why they called them after the pupils of my favourite feline they followed each other from a to b leading motorists in the dark as their eyes lit up they reminded me of turtles out in a warmer sea encased in aContinue reading “Cats eyes”

Fork in the road

9th February 2019 #Travel #Journey #Poetry #Decisions You’ve travelled straight down this road for what seems like an age heading for a destination, unplanned life seems so uncomplicated following the signs in blue and passing the trees in green when all of a sudden – a yellow alert a fork in the road One wayContinue reading “Fork in the road”

No Place like home

Salford (Via Crete, Zakynthos, and Kos), July 21st 2018 Have Albus backpack will travel…. When i’m travelling, what things do i take for a piece of home (1) My camera kit It’s my hobby, and there’s no better time to capture some cracking scenery with my Nikon DSLR. (2) Diary, Notepad and Writing stuff WhenContinue reading “No Place like home”