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They’re building something – big

Metallic spaghetti rising high into the sky

Something to keep the buildings bits together

while it’s put in its place

Its going to be big

soaring into the skies above

the builders on its framework

need a head for heights

Ladders reaching for the moon

as floors are built – one to ten

bricks and breezeblocks needed

on each and every floor

Structure taking shape, while the builders do their thing

and other craftsman travel through

making sure you can make a brew or watch tv

when all the work is done

Building complete ? Structure Sound ?

Spaghetti makes its way back to level one

Where big wheeled wagons are waiting

to take it to the next construction.

Places Poetry


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A Writeclub Prompt C/o Louis

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Imagine a place

where underfoot

layer after layer

there was only soot

You’d dig for treasure

Diamonds and Gold

only to find

yourself growing old

for searching like crazy

in apparent red mist

the only thing found

that seemed to persist

was the movement of soot

to spoilheap from floor

as you keep on digging – expecting more

than a whole heap of nothing.

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The Circles we walk

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Cheers to Jacqueline @ Writeclub for the prompt!

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I suppose its the direction of travel

guided by the earth itself

moving wheels round a orbital road

with spokes heading off around

to the nearest city, village or town

on foot the directions a little bit longer

but it makes the traveller a little bit stronger

and the places to take in are plenty to see

passing natures delights, happy and free

Through grasses and meadows, past cows and sheep

watching the little ones gambol and leap

keeping on a path that starts from point A

and takes you on a wonder enjoying your day

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Barnard castle bridge (Image: KL Caley)

Built in a place where the

river , stream or canal makes its way

in and out of the place where the people live

down below, you can see the water passing as

going to the shops, school or work

everyone crosses from one place to another

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Night Games

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The Druids were disturbed on Tuesday morn

to find their inner sanctum slightly different

to the way they’d left it on Monday Night

It seemed that the younger gods

liked playing with the columns of stone

and so did their Danish cousins

They found a structure at woodland elsewhere

put together with the stones with care

a home for three furry, homeless bears

Calling on Mother Nature’s hand

the bears were rehomed, and the structure replanned

and the left over stones, young uns kept on their toes

as they played a game of dominoes

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slow down


Slowdown (Image: KL Caley)

With the petrol heads

ignoring the policeman’s signs

to take their foot off the accelerator

Mother Nature decided to intervene

What’s the rush ?

she asked by the roadside

spreading a bit of colour

in the grass by the tarmac

The seeds took their time

and eventually, after the clouds

gave them a drink

they popped up to see the sun

Mother Nature’s Motives ?

quite simply achieved

the petrolheads would slow down

to see the pretty flowers

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Staying put

#photoprompt #WDYS

At the top of the hill

you would have thought

the wind and the rain

would have aided the bales

into the nearby hedge

but bundled as they are

the bales are secure

in the knowledge that

until required

they’ll be sticking around

for a bit

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Hole with a view

#whatsinthepicture #photoprompt

Hole with a view (Image : Chris Breebaart 2021)

Golf can be a treacherous game

walking out miles from the safety

of the cosy clubhouse

to the first tee

journey rugged to a deceptive beauty

ball carefully placed on the tee

club measured for the perfect weight of shot

but golfer beware

for out on the windy cliff

you may find your golf shoes

changed for wellington boots

depending on where the ball lands

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The last performance


The projectionist put the film roll on

for the final time

as the film beamed out onto the wall

Impromptu audience – mainly the staff

sat in their seats with their drinks and snacks

as the feature began

Priced out by those pesky supermarkets

unable to match ticket for DVD

so the developers moved in

but not before one last hurrah

as the lad said to the lass on the back seats

“Here’s looking at you kid!”

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Geese on Salford Quays (Image by Inky)

Guard your picnic lunches

as here they come – in packs again

necks peering over bags, looking for

delicacies they can happily chomp on

expect a bit of trouble – as there will be a

ruckus tween feathered friends – over the prize