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  • The Red Door

    The Red Door

    #Writephoto #Colours #Red Call it a Statement if you would It certainly stands out when looking across the road Bringing a note of colour to an otherwise stony building No need for whitewash where this entrance is concerned It yells – come on in ! to all that approach But who ? you might wonder […]

  • The Whiff

    The Whiff

    You hadn’t a clue what you were buying till your nose grabbed the whiff coming down the lane Cooking away in the finest of fats Chunky chipped potato and the finest fish caught this morning But it wasn’t these fragrances grabbing you by the nosehairs more the delightful smell of vinegary vapors travelling through the […]

  • The Grill

    The Grill

    #Greek #Cuisine #Salford #Quays You can get hungry, walking the labyrinth of paths located by my home town reminds me of a sunny coastal place by the med and on a patch of green there’s a familiar spot where holiday treats are served as meat and veg meet with chips and tzatziki and enjoyed on […]

  • Restoration

    #writephoto Those who were selling the plot said it had “Potential” Classic period features Original stonework but it needed a bit of work before you moved in So surveyors and architects draw up the plans explained to the builders, carpenters and all who pull up to the construction office in their vans new plumbing and […]

  • Priory

    #writephoto #priory #Writephoto #Priory Place once of Monastic life, now a place to relax and take stock in grounds away from the temptations of everyday life and enjoy a retreat from troubles of your everyday routine

  • The Sea

    #poem #wordart #nature #beach #sea #water #character a wordart piece by inky The sea is a friendly fellow For when the children waved to say Hello It waved back

  • Scaffolding


    #Napowrimo #Syntax #Scaffolding They’re building something – big Metallic spaghetti rising high into the sky Something to keep the buildings bits together while it’s put in its place Its going to be big soaring into the skies above the builders on its framework need a head for heights Ladders reaching for the moon as floors […]

  • Nothing

    #writeclub #napowrimo #nothing A Writeclub Prompt C/o Louis Imagine a place where underfoot layer after layer there was only soot You’d dig for treasure Diamonds and Gold only to find yourself growing old for searching like crazy in apparent red mist the only thing found that seemed to persist was the movement of soot to […]

  • The Circles we walk

    The Circles we walk

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub Cheers to Jacqueline @ Writeclub for the prompt! I suppose its the direction of travel guided by the earth itself moving wheels round a orbital road with spokes heading off around to the nearest city, village or town on foot the directions a little bit longer but it makes the traveller a little […]

  • Bridge

    #writephoto Built in a place where the river , stream or canal makes its way in and out of the place where the people live down below, you can see the water passing as going to the shops, school or work everyone crosses from one place to another