The bees have landed

#beeinthecity Salford and Manchester 23rd July There’s been a swarm of colour land on my home city Hard working and landing on the landmarks around the place Bringing a buzz to the neighbourhood! The bees will bee (deliberate typo) in the surrounding area till the end of august Check them all out at #beeinthecity


Astonish As the acrobat flew into the air Some held their breath totally transfixed by the mid air cartwheels only a single rope stopped the artiste seeing night stars before sundown incredible feats of daring occurred under the big top some may have called him foolhardy, but at the end …everybody hailed the master acrobat…… Continue reading Astonish

My favourite place

Favorite Place salford quays, March 23rd Sat on a bench by the Manchester ship canal, just watching the water go by and letting the lemon cake I’ve just munched on digest as the feathered residents of the quays go by dont think they know much about their famous neighbours but it’s relaxing watching them travel…… Continue reading My favourite place

Inky takes to the water

Venue : HMS Belfast, London Date : 20th February 2018 Early morning for me yesterday, as i took up the chance to visit another branch of the Imperial War Museum. As a Member of the Volunteer Team at IWM North, I’d been to Duxford, and Headquarters in London…but yesterday gave me the opportunity to visit…… Continue reading Inky takes to the water