The bug

Salford 16th October 2020

I haven’t wrote much in regarding Covid – 19, but given the recent news on a proposed regionalised lockdown – here’s a mothra

A Mothra, from inky.


Looking Around

Here we are

Another day of restrictions

Movements from here to there

Masked up in cause of health

while a bug we cannot actually see

attacks our friends and family for its enjoyment

irony calls – as the sun shines off the water

but there’s no chance for anyone to splash in it

simply sat on a near bench – for the briefest of moments

The many public buildings that are open – are trying their best

maximum of six – the magic number they say you can have

clear plastic screens in cafe’s , bars and museums around

even the pigeons seem to have stayed away

as the bug flies around with freedom

Distancing the order each week day

while locals await news around

bug – gone to ground

and scientists pray

bug – flies




#Fowc #Napowrimo

Going round the world, before the age of space

Local merchants from London to Madrid thought earth flat as a pancake

On some occasions, they said they’d fall off the edge

Before the scientists took the flat- earthers map (treated it like an orange)

End result ? something that looks a little more round

Abstract Acrostic

Shadow V.3

#FOWC #Shadow

A response by inky to Fandango’s One word challenge

Sunshine’s monochrome friend

Heavens Universal to animal, bird, reptile and human

As the sun shines its beams – it appears on the floor

Disappearing when the clouds cover it up

Of course – they disappear

When the sun goes behind – reappearing on a bright moon

Acrostic Birds Nature


#FOWC #Nature #Birds #Instinct

Inborn – that’s what they call it

Noted scientists use the word when they just dont know!

So why birds fly south for the winter –

They use the fall back position – this word

If they gave it a little thought

Creativity might be applied to the question

Till then – you’re left – pondering their answer

Acrostic Industrial Poetry Romance




Maybe they didn’t see it coming

A pull , so

Great, the largest

Nuts and bolts couldn’t resist the

Ever powerful force coming

Towards them

In the air they flew

Caught by the big round thing




Amourous intentions

Gravitating in



Towards her

Intended Romantic

Catch at the Discotheque bar

Acrostic Poetry Science



Maybe its the pull that draws people to you

An ability to bring everybody close

Got to admit – it’s quite a trick, as

Nuts and Bolts clamber over one another,

Excited and clinging , just

To be near your irresistible force

Acrostic Buildings Growing up Learning Life



Maybe, with your feet

Anchored to the ground

Some things might look

Slightly bigger than they actually are

in fact, when you look at a certain

vision in a glass lens

everything seems bigger than it should be


In the city


A tale of the city I live in…enjoy

It started as an outpost

a place so far from Rome

people soon put down roots

and began to call it home


Waters ran from rivers to well

and before the flush toilet – O what a smell!

Horse and Cart instead of the car

brought goods round from near and far


Inventors improved things – bringing light to the night

burning a gas that burned bright white

Theories exchanged – via great schools of thought

as on the dockside , commodities were bought


But as things changed – so did life

Entertainment phased out trouble and strife

Theatres and Football if you were in to sport

as visitors came visiting this brand new port


Museum’s taught the tales of the place

and seeing the objects – they thought they were ace

learning about engines, tractors and trains

that went over rails crossing valleys and plains


But still city grows as the minute hand moves

as new companies settle and start a new groove

As water still passes down canal it does go

passengers visit on boats as it flows.