Reach for the Stars

#Writeclub #Ambition With thanks to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt…. When you were young do you remember those flights of fancy? played out in the playground by the school Pirate Ships Captains Goodies and Baddies Cowboys and Indians led by The milky bar kid Or flying up to space to see who’s living onContinue reading “Reach for the Stars”


it began quite simply with a litmus test sorting out acids from alkalis colours red and blue reactions of tiny pellets in beakers of different solution watching them dance in the bubbles as they fizzed away changing solutions creating new things turning acids and alkalis into physical coloured crystal with combination and evaporation

Discovering Energy

There’s a little place down my street where two scientists liked to meet Discussing science and things that moved sharing ideas in and industrial groove They were honored by peers of the grand society and recognised by titles and confered degree

The bug

Salford 16th October 2020 I haven’t wrote much in regarding Covid – 19, but given the recent news on a proposed regionalised lockdown – here’s a mothra A Mothra, from inky. Well Looking Around Here we are Another day of restrictions Movements from here to there Masked up in cause of health while a bugContinue reading “The bug”


#Fowc #Napowrimo Going round the world, before the age of space Local merchants from London to Madrid thought earth flat as a pancake On some occasions, they said they’d fall off the edge Before the scientists took the flat- earthers map (treated it like an orange) End result ? something that looks a little moreContinue reading “Globe”

Shadow V.3

#FOWC #Shadow A response by inky to Fandango’s One word challenge Sunshine’s monochrome friend Heavens Universal to animal, bird, reptile and human As the sun shines its beams – it appears on the floor Disappearing when the clouds cover it up Of course – they disappear When the sun goes behind – reappearing on aContinue reading “Shadow V.3”


Magnetic I Maybe they didn’t see it coming A pull , so Great, the largest Nuts and bolts couldn’t resist the Ever powerful force coming Towards them In the air they flew Caught by the big round thing   II Mademoiselle’s Amourous intentions Gravitating in Nuptial Expectation Towards her Intended Romantic Catch at the DiscothequeContinue reading “Magnetic”