Image prompt c/o Pinterest – anyone want to lay claim to the image let me know and i’ll credit you on here – thanks! Link: They said they’d be friends for ever as they watched the magical sight a merger of magical colour bringing colour to the night but then – a terrible happeningContinue reading “Forever”

Looking : A Found Poem

#Love #Romance #Poetry Salford 14th January 2019 another found poem by me via Spike Milligans Box 18 I’ve stopped looking for that diamond that brightens up my day the beauty of your eyes still capture me in the evening light as we pass each other by and memories of walking through the daisy patch stillContinue reading “Looking : A Found Poem”

Dancing on the moon

#octpowrimo From out of relative darkness Comes brightness Was it the moment of clarity Brought about by the smile of Luna Or that single moment When you smiled, at the simple fact I couldn’t live without you For now I’m skipping and hopping Out on the stars Because of three simple words Whispered softly inContinue reading “Dancing on the moon”


#octpowrimo #acrostic #people #life Salford 14th October 2018 People Look quite solid, when we are born As we grow up, things change Shaped by our elders, our teachers, our friends Then formed by experience In time, a degree of fluidity comes into play Creativity, expression, emotion and love Inscribed onto our characters and New relationships…creatingContinue reading “Plasticine”

Dancing on Air

#octpowrimo Salford , 10th October 2018 I don’t remember exactly When my clumbersome feet Felt lighter than a feather Perhaps it was walking across fields of flowers Or watching the squirrels In the local park, Rolling around in the mounds of freshly cut grass Or maybe, it was the taste of strawberries in winter, HidingContinue reading “Dancing on Air”