Animals Poetry

Old Friends

#MLMM #Photochallenge

doggy portrait by MLMM

A shaggy reunion

the dogs from the pound

now happily re-homed

in new homes around

They all know each other

from their time inside

where they spent time together

a moment of pride

And the big dogs taught the little

how to sit, beg and stay

so they knew what to do when

the humans came their way

So after some nibbles

and a drink from their dishes

they sit nice in a photo

to send you “Best Wishes”

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Valentine in a time of Lockdown


passing in corridors

two masqueraded , star crossed lovers

leaving each other small heartfelt notes

on each others stations

message clear – as eyes meet

for the briefest of moments

before the next admission comes in



Perhaps its my inner pooh-bear

at play but i’m

crazee about these

happy jungle animals

you’ll see they have big ears and long noses

definately adept at reaching fruit and nuts

elevated in the tallest trees

really high up

many seen in the jungle, but also seen elsewhere