Not So Bad

#schooldays #promptuarium With the current lockdown the kids are back in school forget the bug that’s virulent the doctors overruled Schooldesks spaced out plenty while lessons start anew learning english maths and all for tests that are a due And playtime the kids are spaced out in their own little spots and squares its not …

Enjoying the chaos

#MLMM Image C/o While the storms are heading for the city walls and the fog’s creeping in you’re oblivious to it all, watching visual anaesthesia on your devices of fun walking past the chaos and destruction enjoying the feast of fun provided by your masters

Up above

Salford, 11th February 2021 Somethings afoot as the birds are becoming restless leaping off their ceramic perches and flying headlong into the birdbaths of locals gardens occasionally, they’ll land on the turf or trees resting on a branch or two – or even a fence devouring the birdseed someone has left for them #socs #aboveandbeyond

Valentine in a time of Lockdown

#Valentinesday passing in corridors two masqueraded , star crossed lovers leaving each other small heartfelt notes on each others stations message clear – as eyes meet for the briefest of moments before the next admission comes in


#MLMM #Photochallenge Airmail (image from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ) There were moments , she hated the winter weather The rain, the snow and the biting hail but while everyone was locked inside held in by the invisible bug she was grateful for messages being sent across island waters by the four winds north south east and west

Screamin’ Green

Crayola coloring sheet – coloured in by inky – screaming green #cyw #screamingreen Sure, you know how to make an entrance carnivores on the lookout know just who to steer clear of when roaming the jungle canopies everyone gives you respectful distance as they know if they eat you, they might get mightily ill – …

Outside and inside

IIt’s been warm the past few days the mercury rising in the kitchen thermometer but apart from an hour and occasional shower the only thing to see outside are the feathered friends who in air have flied IIThe stone guards are drenched out in the backyard Life of a garden fairy at the moment – is …