Category: Pleasures

  • The Whiff

    The Whiff

    You hadn’t a clue what you were buying till your nose grabbed the whiff coming down the lane Cooking away in the finest of fats Chunky chipped potato and the finest fish caught this morning But it wasn’t these fragrances grabbing you by the nosehairs more the delightful smell of vinegary vapors travelling through the […]

  • Sunflowers


    The field of sunflowers spent the week looking for the sun The Sun that week was resting behind some very fluffy clouds Those at the front of the field wondered where their source of sunlight had gone Those in the middle jostled about, in the hope they’d catch a ray or two A couple turned […]

  • Street Food

    #food Sourced from places a little further than your local Mac D’s There’s specials from Italy, China, and Thailand Rolling out of a spot of your high street today Everyone enjoying the Exquisite and tasty treats Tossed together in a sauce and served in a wrap or a bun or Sometimes with noodles in a […]

  • The Sea

    #poem #wordart #nature #beach #sea #water #character a wordart piece by inky The sea is a friendly fellow For when the children waved to say Hello It waved back

  • The Circles we walk

    The Circles we walk

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub Cheers to Jacqueline @ Writeclub for the prompt! I suppose its the direction of travel guided by the earth itself moving wheels round a orbital road with spokes heading off around to the nearest city, village or town on foot the directions a little bit longer but it makes the traveller a little […]

  • Fortune

    #socs #Fortune For years now, you’ve put your money down on the same six numbers – hoping rewards outweigh the investment till they come up – its best to leave your cash up in your piggybank (or savings account) negligible risk easily outweigh eventual disappointment

  • My brain is like toffee

    #writeclub I think my brain is like toffee Its controlling the things i eat Turning my mind towards hunnycomb and other things that are sweet Im eating breakfast waffles with honey and maple syrup with ham Sunday roasts are covered in sweet stuff with recipes from Uncle Sam But its not just at mealtimes i […]

  • Alcohol


    #fowc #alcohol A heady brew lightly ferments creating a liquid of powerful punch happy days on the day this stewed fruit lands into the bottle

  • Hole with a view

    Hole with a view

    #whatsinthepicture #photoprompt Golf can be a treacherous game walking out miles from the safety of the cosy clubhouse to the first tee journey rugged to a deceptive beauty ball carefully placed on the tee club measured for the perfect weight of shot but golfer beware for out on the windy cliff you may find your […]

  • The last performance

    #MLMM The projectionist put the film roll on for the final time as the film beamed out onto the wall Impromptu audience – mainly the staff sat in their seats with their drinks and snacks as the feature began Priced out by those pesky supermarkets unable to match ticket for DVD so the developers moved […]