#CYW #Bluegreen Tuesday 6th August 2019 By the time we reached the Island lagoons – of blue green came into view under these waters – fish and turtles enjoying a paddle in the waters glassy waters lapping up against the shore resting in crevices of resident rocks each one giving a home to eager youngContinue reading “Blue-green”


Salford (via Navagio Beach) , 22nd February 2018   White Sandy beaches, Offset by clear blue sea Navigated rusted boat sat by the cliffside Down where the anchor should be Encrusted with Barnacles and other sea creatures Rock formations , home to a multitude of life From strings of mussels to hermit crabs Unless someoneContinue reading “Encrusted”

Things with the Letter D

#CFFC in response to cees photography challenge To start with, here’s a night time shot of the Holiday inn express on Salford’s Quayside, taken at Dusk by one of the Docks or as the people call them now basins 🙂 You could call this a 3D shot – as it was Dark as well ! The canal isContinue reading “Things with the Letter D”


Peculiar A reflection.   Sat a cafe bar on a greek island, enjoying fish and chips taking in the breeze off the azure blue sea and observing the comings and goings of the day – when reactions are heightened by two feathered locals kept company down the marble path by their owner   ! i’dContinue reading “Peculiar”

Building Blocks

Construct     It begins simply enough, a simple bucket of bricks stacked up from top to bottom till at last – they topple oh what fun!   The next thing you know you’re building a wall with stuff from the sea and occasionally it falls oh what fun        

Message in a bottle

Bottle The green glass container landed with a bump on the sands The sea, tired of its presence   No fine wine or olive oil here but something more precious a message for someone special   Sent in hope than anticipation dropped into blue waters floating off towards land   Time remains – and QuestionsContinue reading “Message in a bottle”