Category: Beach

  • The Sea

    #poem #wordart #nature #beach #sea #water #character a wordart piece by inky The sea is a friendly fellow For when the children waved to say Hello It waved back

  • Bucket

    #Writephoto #Bucket Building tools sat on the beach utilised by the master builder creating something everyone will like, but keep looking – it looks like he’s gone off site expectation is he’s gone with mum and dad to get something tasty for lunch – fish and chips anyone?

  • A walk on the sands

    #writephoto #beach A Northern beach (possibly Prestatyn), I Its not that cold today compared to the last few weeks it’s positively balmy the mercury in the kitchen thermometer sends a message – enjoy it while it lasts II Northern sea says hello rolling about and frothing as it does “come and play!” it laughs as […]

  • Sponge

    #fowc #sponge I Something found on the sea shore perhaps lying lazily around the cockles, whelks and clams on occasion, travelling by bobbing about the water numbers of them can be spotted on the seaweed getting their nutrients for the day from each drop of seaweed they enjoy II Supping up the drops of soapy […]

  • Enjoying the View

    #promptuarium Taking a train up to the coast admiring the view and maybe keeping a photo of the scenery inside the hut on top of the hill theres numbers of pictures you can take gemstones lie under your feet (if you know where to find them) ascending ? why not descend down to that beach […]

  • Specialist

    #fowc #specialist Skilled technician Positioned on the shore Especially for when the tide was coming in Construction ? more Demolition Instigated to save the rest of the team getting soaked As the water came up the beach Like lightning, but was Instantly disappointed Sandy structures on the beach Taken down by a pair of bright […]

  • Ebb and Flow

    Ebb and Flow

    #sea #seaside #waters #shells #seaweed The sea played with the man on the beach as he walked along the sand blue turning to sky blue then white to catch the sun worshipper and give him a fright But after a while the man came up to the sea in an attempt to dip his toes […]

  • Adventure


    #writeclub #listpoem Adventure comes from a small leather case stepping onto the plane and heading to a place well out of normal reach definately not your normal nearby beach imagining how happy you will be sat with your mum on dad – on a spot by the sea

  • Foam

    #fowc #foam Found on the seaside as the waves make up something frothy on the shore Floating on top of your mocha a mix of fluffy milk clouds and a dash of cocoa Freshly laid out for bedtime on here you happily sleep as it forms to you as part of your mattress

  • Thunderous


    #watersport #beach The sound of thunder tore through the morning skyline with no cloud in sight foam of early morn whipped up before the breakfast was cooked up and served power junkies rip across neptune’s blue waters brewing up ocean Caught on a riser powerboat turned over hear mermaids singing