Summer with the water rats

#cento #summer #napowrimo now i was young and easy under the apple boughs on either side the river lie blossoms and dewdrops at the bent sprays edge open unto the fields, and to the sky Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone meet in her aspect and her eyes loveliest of trees, the cherryContinue reading “Summer with the water rats”


#WDYS #Napowrimo Time to take a moment…. Three day weekends are there To be enjoyed not laboured through Take a while to move your feet through a spring green full of flowers tip toe through the tulips (or daffodils) Take a moment, to enjoy what’s around you enjoy a sandwich and cake under a treeContinue reading “Exhale”

Bank Holiday

Salford, 5th April 2021 #Easter #BankHoliday #Napowrimo (with a nod to mr Roger Mcgough) While the kiddies are enjoying What the easter bunny has left them Someone else is enjoying some fun behind the closed doors The staff having fun Building castles with pound coins and swimming in shiny seas of five and ten pencesContinue reading “Bank Holiday”


#writeclub #woods I Pay close attention if you go down to the woods today, you could spot something furry noshing away on honeycomb its carved away carefully from a nearby tree II Pears and Apples in close proximity are nice accomplishments if our furry friends want something to chomp on III Placed on a blanketContinue reading “Picnic”

Bank Holiday Monday

#Easter #Holiday The collective heads at the weather office looked dumbfounded at the view outside the window it was a common convention – it rained on a Bank Holiday and yet, blue skies and sun were the order of the day flowers were drenched in sunshine and people were enjoying picnics in the park asContinue reading “Bank Holiday Monday”