#CYW #Wisteria While the worlds athletes are competing in Japan its flowers are finding themselves settled in gardens up and around the globe turning the smallest of spaces into a Japanese garden expectations for medals continue but reminiscences aren’t that far away from instant fragrances that fill the air – aromas from this wonderful purpleContinue reading “Wisteria”

Looking through the bakers window

#napowrimo #bakers #window I can remember walking past the bakers shop I was six or seven, a special treat – but only to be eaten after lunch and that was if – i could find it you see, my treat was hiding around the bread rolls playing peek a boo by the chocolate cakes andContinue reading “Looking through the bakers window”


#Octpowrimo #Photography #Digital I remember when photos were stored away on rolls of brown film and getting the picture required alchemy Magic paper bringing scenes of colour to life onto white backgrounds with square borders Trips to the chemist a necessity for those precious memories of a warm summers day to be brought to lifeContinue reading “Click”


#socs #collect items around a room – connect common nik naks from different spaces different things the people collect treated with the upmost respect on shelves the nik nak presence graces as others pass and then inspect and on the shelf – the humble object with others are cleaned in their places should elders eyesContinue reading “Collect”

What makes me

#Octpowrimo #Whoami A notable thing is character Being ones self Creative experiences that Define who you are Even if its the only thing they’ll know you for A few bumps and scratches along the way Brain ops and chicken pox two little obstacles Cerebral Palsy and “Juvenile arthritis” the other Determination to walk and overcomeContinue reading “What makes me”

Memories of a Tabby Cat

Salford, 23rd October 2019 #Octpowrimo #cat #Memories They called you crazy – but you were quite a character, king of the garden and the dining room floor ignoring the cat food – for sardines or cod and eating fish batter – which I found rather odd got into a fuss if little ones picked youContinue reading “Memories of a Tabby Cat”

Out to sea

#Octpowrimo #Ocean #Sea Sat on a boat in the Sunshine enjoying the ocean blues as the sealife swims alongside Shoals of excitable marine life are following the line of the boat Slicing through the waves each passenger lifts up slightly as the boat goes up a touch

Burnt Sienna

Salford, 15th September #CYW #BurntSienna I recall a leather chair the smell of it as I sat in it in the morning it’s sound as I got my back into its folds it squeaked – like a mouse looking for food Looking out beyond the glass in a warm seat looking out for snowmen beyondContinue reading “Burnt Sienna”