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In this City

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They built a place by a running stream

Technology basic but builders keen

It was the beginning of the city

Basic wells grew in size

to the chieftains surprise

and mud and straw to create huts

were changed for stone – hewn and cut

Houses needed food so they built some farms

and Markets and Roads worked a charm

for people coming to the city

Horses and chariots ran over stone

and places beyond the city, overgrown

people worked with found metal, to create the shoes

to protect the horses delicate hooves

and Later the barge – and use of Steam

travelling down waterways like a dream

following on – the steam engine and Rail

getting people and goods to places without fail

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The Circles we walk

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Cheers to Jacqueline @ Writeclub for the prompt!

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I suppose its the direction of travel

guided by the earth itself

moving wheels round a orbital road

with spokes heading off around

to the nearest city, village or town

on foot the directions a little bit longer

but it makes the traveller a little bit stronger

and the places to take in are plenty to see

passing natures delights, happy and free

Through grasses and meadows, past cows and sheep

watching the little ones gambol and leap

keeping on a path that starts from point A

and takes you on a wonder enjoying your day


Crossroads II

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a series of twists and turns

some you make for yourself

then…some are made for you

in time – you come to a crossroads with

new choices to make …. do you

go down a new path – or stick to the path you’ve travelled?

! that’s a decision only you can make

Birds Outdoors Winter


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With the arrival of winter

the tarmac on the road has retreated

and replaced by the snow and rain

the car drivers loss ? dodging potholes

are the sparrows and seagulls gain

for as its not as cold as previous ones

they’re dropping in from the roofs for a dip

before heading into nearby trees and shrubs

on an impromptu shopping trip

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Salford, 9th November 2021

(response to a write club theme by inky)

What’s that noise ?

beyond the glass

up in the rooftops

its the birds that pass

surveying the autumn pickings

on the frost laden grass

What’s that noise?

beyond the bricks

the pipes are playing

at quarter to six

rolling water like streams

to keep us warm

the noise that it makes though

isn’t the norm.

Open the window

industry’s here!

rolling down the A road

without a fear

Following each other like a load of ham

ending on the tarmac in a big traffic jam

What’s that noise?

above my head

I’ve heard it since I rose

and got out of bed

chirping and cheeping – and always on time

A family of sparrows – its breakfast time




The old streets growing up

weren’t that much fun

as the last of the horse and carts

made their way through town

You knew when the

Rag and Bone Man were coming

though his voice boomed through the street

there was a noise that was much louder

A Hard Noise Of Hardened Iron

meeting slabs of solid stone

announcing to all – we’re here

with the sound of clip following clop

and later in the day

feet followed horse

from walk to green

on a visit to a cherished auntie

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Community – Image by KL Caley

It takes a lot to build a town

it’s not just bricks and mortar

but all those little things you

occasionally take for granted

The corner shop

The Lollipop Man

The local school

doing the best they can

The Bin Men keeping the local streets clean

and the local parks and gardens green

while gardeners plants the flowers and trees

so little uns can pick as much as they please

Mr Postie delivers the latest news

while mr Policeman looks for traffic and clues

and doctor and nurse makes sure everyone’s fine

while little uns go to their classes in line

And getting us safely from A to B

Mrs Bus Drivers taking us home for our tea

Not before travelling off to the shops so

Visiting Mr Grocer we pop.


Round in Circles

#Circles #roundabout #Salford #Fowc

Roundabout, Pendleton, Salford – Image : BF Kirkham

Heading off on a journey ?

enjoy the trip

a ride you haven’t enjoyed since you were young

driving round and round

in a vain attempt to find the right road out

noted you thought you knew the right direction –

going to be dizzy when you finally find the right exit



#Fowc #Bend

They played with the roman road

so the horses and carts

didn’t bump into the temples

shrines and colosseum

The long straight road

now looked a lot like

Cleopatra’s serpent

as it bent and turned and coiled

But with progress, came problems

for as the engine replaced horse

the nobles noticed in their new chariots

they couldn’t see what was round the bend

Acrostic Poetry Travel


#map #fowc

many a sailor or perhaps

a buccaneer has used one of these in

pursuit of treasure

many you will find,

as a guide for potential explorers

putting their feet across peak district peat bogs

most are a guide for weary travellers

ambling across the uk road network

perhaps they could have taken the train ?