Challenge 30 – No13

“Balance” #Challenge30 #photography #balance They say the economy’s stable… tell that to the change on the corner of my bedside table I took it out of the pocket of a pair of trousers i threw into the laundry and they landed on the table like this The coinage will, of course be spent sometime soonContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No13”

New Religion

Congregate The atmosphere is electric some gathered there would say evangelic as the lights flicker around the evening sky like acolytes the security guards wait for the signal to lower the velvet barriers countdown progresses as a one hit wonder presses a golden button with that actress you know off the daily soap opera andContinue reading “New Religion”

Piggy Pink

#Piggypink #Coloryourworld #cyw #pig #bacon #bank Piggy is much more than humble bacon It’s common to many – you’re not mistaken Generous to a fault is dear old pig Got to be said – his heart is big Yet to avoid the fate of the butchers hook he will be found – tending your bankContinue reading “Piggy Pink”

Fortune (acrostic)

Fortune For as long as prospectors keep talking Oregon’s wagon trail has attracted people far and wide Round the wild valleys they roam Trekking around the carved out valleys for Unforetold riches from the Horde of Coins Navigating the challenging terrain can be difficult Enjoy your quest – but expect trouble along the gold scattered route.


Chaotic for forty-eight hours, over five continents the papers took flight across trading floors stockbrokers cried and markets Dived as crestfallen bankers canived to excuse themselves from their own mess   Politico’s too – stuck together like glue “not just my fault – its yours too!” figures tumbled, continuing drop till the moment – theContinue reading “Chaotic”

A Tale of a Biscuit Tin

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.” In my room, on the top of a cupboard by my writing desk, lives a relatively old biscuit tin.  Its Metallic red in colour and has the main characters of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories on it. There’s Winnie-the-pooh (or as I like to call himContinue reading “A Tale of a Biscuit Tin”