Expansion of a moment

#writeclub #napowrimo cheers to Kizzy @ writeclub for providing the prompt Like the colours of the morning sun it awakens, telling its friends and neighbours gracefully that its time to get up hopping and dancing from tree to tree in its search for lunch looking in each flowers trumpet for yummy nectar

Wisdom from a Tea Cup

#Writeclub #Tea #Brew #Drink Watch as i let off steam, as the leaves bathe and change colour…. take five as the colours in my cup swirl about, and take in the flavours from a distant land…. you can learn quite a bit from my pyramid pal. sit back in a comfy chair and ease yourContinue reading “Wisdom from a Tea Cup”

Atomic Tangerine

#cyw #atomic #tangerine #fruit A sensation Thats what i guess you would call it Out of the fruit Many segments of zingy fruit In a haphazard Circular formation Tangy on the tongue as you bite on the segments navigating your way to the juice great explosions as the segments empty their flavoured cargo round theContinue reading “Atomic Tangerine”


#CYW #Yellow-orange Someone’s been mixing up the citrus again the orange juice looks that little more…. what’s the word ? Zingy ? and that’s before you took the cap off the bottle Lifting the lid gives you a clue to the origin of the brighter orange there’s a zip of lemon, and the zest ofContinue reading “Yellow-orange”


#fowc #fallible Even the finest craftsman can have an off day as his customer looked somewhat bemused at the shards of coloured glass lying on the museum floor scattered shards of red, blue and green had fallen to the ground to repair the glass scenery would cost more than a pound but examining the fixativeContinue reading “Fallible”

Wild Watermelon

#CYW #wild #watermelon Well, Fancy seeing that a fruit you don’t normally see that’s now up in the tall green trees in the park every fruit is currently holding on for dear life as its a right royal drop to the floor from where it is might be nice in slices – but i don’tContinue reading “Wild Watermelon”


#writeclub #cheerful Things are looking up colours exploding in the local green as sunshine appears through the the clouds little birds chirping to one and all as Mum and dad deliver breakfast from above their song filling the air as you walk by “Hello, Hello” they cheep and chirp as they try to grab yourContinue reading “Cheerful”


#fowc #clique They’re the one’s who think – they’re the bee’s knees hanging around the posh squares going to the latest concerts wearing the brightest colours and eating the nouveau cuisine the exclusivity of this little club means you’ll see them in Cafe-bars and not in Pubs the latest style – they just have toContinue reading “Clique”

Turquoise Blue

It’s that certain colour, that reminds you of your holidays The colour of the sea at the certain time of day up in the sky, when right foot dipped its toes to see if it was ready to take a dip in the water, or quench your thirst with a cool drink by the sandsContinue reading “Turquoise Blue”