Little bird

Salford 1st March Like a bullet It flew down the street Towards the other side of the dual carriageway and The waterside Local cats, couldn’t catch him Even if they tried – he was too far up to reach Before our feathered friend Islands of Plenty – with seeds galore Ready to be eaten byContinue reading “Little bird”

Challenge 30 – No25

A Striped Tale…..or is that a Tail ? What’s Black and white and Red all over ? a sunburnt Zebra! (sic) When ever I think about an animal with Stripes, I always think about two particular animals….the tiger and the zebra The tiger is Orange and Black (or is that black and orange ?) whilst the Zebra is Black andContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No25”

Swimming Lessons

Salford Quays, 14th July 2018 a tale of the first time in the canal…from one of the goslings….Interpreted by Inky 🙂 It’s a bit hard stepping out from the little nursery pool to the great big vast waterway but at least my family are nearby mum and dad watching proudly on no water wings requiredContinue reading “Swimming Lessons”


#Thoughts #Bubbles #Marshmallows #Clouds Salford 9th July 2018 The light little cirrus and stratus help themselves to their own little place in the sky until the cloud departs they’ll be overlooked by the great thinker of the skies himself – cumulonimbus – who’s happily floating over the air thinking about their next destination some mightContinue reading “Thoughts”


Salford, 27th April 2018 In response to the DP Prompt Notable Nobody could miss the headline of the redtops big brash and bold – and splashed liberally across the front page A headline to shock – “EXCLUSIVE” and “SCOOP” in bold capitals everyone read the news underneath till it was proven the day later –Continue reading “Notable”

Vivid Fruit

#CYW #ColorYourWorld #VividTangerine Take it from me – tangerine – You’re eyecatching Albeit you’re smaller than your cousin the orange – Not the first fruit they go for when they head for the Greengrocers – but that’s just it. Easy to peel – the kids all love you Reactions to your appearance in a lunchbox ? Instant SmilesContinue reading “Vivid Fruit”

The Accomplished Traveller

While out on Holiday to Oledeniz in Turkey – I took along a very special guest My little mascot – Bean Bear!  He’s a winnie-the-pooh beanbag that’s been up and down the uk and to places in Spain, Greece, and Turkey with me.  For some reason, he makes me calm when i’m on plane journeys…and that’sContinue reading “The Accomplished Traveller”