Chips by the beach

#childhood #beach #memories #Blackpool Childhood reminiscences held by a moment in grease proof paper positioned in a way – that seagulls didn’t spot the hidden treasures barmcakes by Blackpool prom ? yearly occurance – on the days they’d be testing the lights toasty hot – fresh out of the fryer helpings of salt and vinegarContinue reading “Chips by the beach”

Looking through the bakers window

#napowrimo #bakers #window I can remember walking past the bakers shop I was six or seven, a special treat – but only to be eaten after lunch and that was if – i could find it you see, my treat was hiding around the bread rolls playing peek a boo by the chocolate cakes andContinue reading “Looking through the bakers window”

Old Bear

#Octpowrimo #Childhood A bit rough round the edges but he’s still as loveable as ever now sat in the corner with the newer toys a compendium of memories from days gone by companions and confidante when the darkness falls or the ghosts come to town unexpectedly best thing of all – he’ll always be thereContinue reading “Old Bear”


#fowc #squeegee Someone’s idea of being Alan Sugar for a day qualified ? hardly….but we were definitely equipped up to our eyeballs in sponges, window mops and extremely soapy water. each car getting the full wash gratefully receiving payment for the work we did everyone making sure each car was bright as a button forContinue reading “Squeegee”